Don’t Die.

No one knows how to do it. The best managers grope in the dark. No one knows how to do it all. We all try. Sometimes we do great. Sometimes medium. Sometimes mediocre. Sometimes very bad. But as long as we pick up and go, we will have defined our path; set your feet in sand. Created templates others can avoid. Or use. Do something. Don’t be afraid to lead. No one is perfect. No one can do it all. No one knows it all. Do something. That is always better than doing nothing.

Find your own oxygen. Find the life you can live. Find your own space. Live life light. Hold nothing against anyone. Move. Don’t stay in one place. Crawl if you must but don’t stay in one place. Walk if you must but don’t just crawl. Run if you can rather than just walk. Jump if you can walk. Fly if you are already jumping. Miss if you are already flying. Whatever you do, don’t stop and do nothing.

Dream, don’t sleep. Act, don’t just dream. Excel and be your own target. Inspire you from inside. Outside is no good.

Love. Learn. Leap.

The life you have is the only one you have. The journey you are on is your best one yet. Enjoy it without fail.

Learn something everyday. Open your mind and your heart. There is a message for you in the air. Listen and absorb. Learning isn’t just formal. Let life teach you.

Breathe. Oxygen is still free. Let no one stifle your air. Exhale. Holding in your breath will not make you the person you were made to be. Relax. The world isn’t against you. Everything that happens is for your good. But when it isn’t good, it is still good. See the light in the dark. Night is darkest close to day. Hold. On. Your darkness is not going to last forever.

Death doesn’t end it all. Death is not the answer. The life you give, the life you take; they don’t end. The good we do does not end. The evil we do does not end. The end of it all is the beginning of another. Passengers pass. Drivers drive. The road remains. The path remains. The journey doesn’t end. One life goes. Another it’s place must take. The beginning of a thing is just as good as its end. Because what if it didn’t start? Before the start was preparation. Before the beginning was the kick off.

The life you live is borrowed. The body is borrowed. The body grows tired and the spirit leaves. To find habitation in some other form. The host is irrelevant. Everything, everyone, every entity has its role in the eternal forever plan. Enjoy this journey. It is a good one. It is the best you have now. Stop your tomorrow worries. All you can see is this small life you have. What would you have to worry about if your next return is as a mahogany tree? Or as a fish? Or as a mermaid? Or as a stone? Or molten lava from a volcano. Everything counts. Everything has a role. Play your part.

It doesn’t end. Conserve energy now. It never ends.

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