Michelle Obama as America’s First Black Female President

Mark my words: if Hilary Clinton becomes America’s first female president, Michelle Obama will be the next American female president. She will be first black female president of the USA after the Republican guy who will serve after Hilary. She will contest as a democrat (obviously) and win. Again, obviously. The Republican guy will serve only one term. Hilary will serve two terms. So I expect Michelle to be the first female American black president 12 years after Hilary, no longer than that.

No, I don’t have a crystal ball. And I’m not from the future. It’s just that with women, once they start, you can’t stop them. And Michelle has the unstoppability thinghy going on for her.

For 239 years, the struggle of the nation of America was always leading to here. America set herself up as the bastion of democracy, free speech, equality, human rights, and all that jargon. America championed her cause and interests; home and abroad. America defined, redefined and refined the concept of capitalism. America is the darling of most of the world. In America, you either turn up big or you better stay home.

She’s seen and done it all, America. From the wars against the native Indians, to the slave trade, civil war, suffragettes, etc, America has ridden roughshod getting her way for so long that surely the time is ripe for her first female black president. If it will ever happen, I am convinced this is the best possible time. All the hoops appear perfectly lined. One leap; and Hilary. One more leap and it would be: Michelle.

And she is preparing. Michelle isn’t resting. She is hitting the roads winning hearts at home and abroad. She’s been stealthily doing it since she burst on to the scene with her husband in ’08. Strong black woman right by her husband’s side every step of the way as he sought the most important office in the world, Michelle could carry herself and hold her own anywhere. Michelle was the complete First Lady. She still is too.

Her speech at the DNC in 08 for her husband was epic. In ’12, she didn’t disappoint when she delivered the keynote at DNC seeking hubby’s re-election. Her recent 2016 speech for Hilary could rouse the dead and get them to vote, fight, love or hate. If you were American and you were not moved by her speech, then you are probably a zombie because even Donald “the terrible” Trump, was, for the first time ever, silenced. Or maybe that was just in deference to his wife who may wish to steal Michelle’s lines for the next Republican convention!

Hilary’s strongest credential is probably her role as First Lady. She went on to serve America in various capacities. She handled The Monica Affair so well that she won even more followers. Her grace, support and calmness helped not just her husband keep his presidency but also cement her in the hearts and minds of Americans as a woman of substance. The men wouldn’t mind such a wife anytime, anyday, anywhere. How many women would not mind even if all another woman gave their husband is head? Hilary managed that manhood stumble well, epic. She’s been through fire and she’s come out gold.

Granted Michelle didn’t have such drama in both her First Lady tenures. But she’s the most fun First Lady in all of America’s recent history. She was everywhere promoting good causes, appearing on talk shows, dancing on TV, playing with dogs, playing with the queen, supervising her growing up virgin girls, dressing up effortlessly and gracefully, exercising and eating healthy, etc. She was also always readily by her husband’s side even when she was on her own. A large percentage of the American public appears to love her totally. Or at least those who do, do. And they ultimately might be enough. No political experience? It doesn’t matter.

He’s a terrible example but he’s the closest I can think up; Donald Trump didn’t have any political experience either and always cussed out the republicans. He had TV and media experience and he turned politics into a media circus; that was enough!

Michelle is of course a more decent person. She’s got no scandals to her name but she’s a strong black woman. Michelle can get the job done. Her husband certainly enjoyed the best of support from her while he ran the nation. I have no doubt she will get his support when it is her time to run.

What kind of president will she make? A strong black one. I think Obama was too much of a good guy and his presidency reflected it. His biggest military achievement was killing Osama. He disappointed all the military guys and their contractor cronies by pulling America out of almost all theaters of war across the world. The American image as police and army of the world took serious beating under him. He was the quintessential Mr. Nice Guy trying to muster up a frown; he just couldn’t bear to watch all those young boys and girls match off gleefully to heroic deaths in the hands of their country’s enemies; real or imagined.

Michelle will not be that soft. Just look at her and she’s built like she will not only stare down the likes of Putin, Kim or any other evil world leader, she would be the undefeated universal soldier terrorizing the world’s worst terrorists. If they think they are tough, she will show them who’s boss!

I look forward to a Michelle Obama presidency. What do you think? And no, forget the numbers or the facts. Sometimes, facts don’t always matter. Ask Hilary and Trump!