These questions have no answers

Not in this life. Nor in the one to come. And compared to other questions, these ones are quiet easy and simple.

What are we looking at? Who are we to blame? Are these people (Nigerian leaders) (Or leaders of any nation on earth actually) not from among us? Are we not all the same? Why do we blame and castigate them so much? If you and I had the chance, would we not do the same and more? What moral right do we have so say or insinuate that they are bad people or that they are badder than we are? Does a lack of opportunity give us the right to roast those who are opportune?

Will our talk on social beer parlours, social media and non social media platforms bring about the change we need? Are we hungry enough to rise against those who have turned us into edun arinles; the famous few who have turned the majority into dustbin eaters? Or are we only slightly hungry such that we are still content to beg for the few for crumbs from our commonwealth that they have stolen? Is there truly hunger in the land or are we still playing politics with the life of our life?

Are you truly angry? Are you really truly angry? Are you fed up? Are you ready to do something about it? What can you do about it? What are you willing to do about it? What are you going to do about it?

What is your problem? Who is your problem? Why do you have a problem? Are you your problem? Can you define your problem or is your problem just ‘a problem’; one without a name?

Do you think? What do you think about? Have you had an experience with using your brain? Do you have a brain? Is it an active one? Do you use it? What do you do with it? Do you do the right thing with it? When you use it, do you do local thinking or international thinking with it?

What is your destiny? Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe that the way you are is the way you are meant to be? Do you believe that it is all up to you? Do you believe your life matters? Do you believe that to live or die are one and the same if what you are going through alive may equal or surpass what hellishness awaits you dead? Can your life be better if you did something about it? Or are you the let sleeping lives lie kind of person?

Are you sleeping or are you awake? Are you dreaming or are you doing? Are you strategizing or are you sycophanting? Are you ready for change or is change ready for you? If you had a choice, what would you change about yourself? Are you willing to change? Are you ready to pay the cost of change?

Are you free? Do you know what it means to be free? Are you ready to be free? Do you want a freedom that enslaves? Is freedom truly free? If you are free, are you not by extension enslaved by the thought of being free? If freedom is free, why do we have to fight for it? Is freedom really possible? Is it not a fact that as soon as we are free we start looking for that which will enslave us? Doesn’t freedom enslave us?

It isn’t ok. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t end. We will not stop until we have hacked it. But we won’t hack it. So we won’t stop. And like those great boys said, even when we die, we will keep on living. They forgot to add that even death doesn’t make it all easier or clearer.