How to hire designers

As primarly a print designer, let me add to your beautiful article that even print design is not just about «how it looks», but also «how it works». Of course, I am not talking about interaction in the way a UI designer would talk: but even a book, a brochure or a packaging need to be considered having more levels than the merely aesthetic one. A designer must always produce design that conveys a message, that tells the brand’s history, that focuses on values, product features or specific details or services. If a print designer works only on a aesthetic level and forgots about the message and its target, the brand, its history and values, and even (think about packaging, for example) how and when the user will manipulate the pack; what will he do first to open it; what will he do when the pack is opened and the product is outside the box – it will be no good design at all. May I add: print design also deals with production and materials far more than interction design. A print designer must know everything about paper, printing techniques, inks, finishings, hot and cold foils, die-cuts, color conversions and such – all these things go far beyond the merely aesthetic level – and yes, these are skills you cannot understand from Dribble or Behance.

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