How I Achieved Economic Freedom With the Internet (And How You Can Too)

Two years ago I was working a dead end job that I hated trying to work my way up the corporate ladder like so many other people in this world. However unlike so many people in this world I said enough is enough and I quit my job hoping the money in my accounts and my credit cards would be enough to hold me over until I found a better job. So later that day I was telling my roommate about how I quit my job and he tells me that his friend makes a ton of money online and that I should talk to him. Intrigued, I called him up and asked him how it works and he told me that he is an “affiliate marketer”which means that he promotes business by running ads and whenever the company makes a sale he gets a portion of the profits. As you can imagine this was music to the ears of an unemployed man so later that day I did some research, decided on a company, and bought 150 dollars worth of ads… I lost every dime of that 150 dollars in two weeks. When I saw that I didn’t make any money whatsoever I was mystified as to how I could run all those ads, do all that research, and invest all that money with out making a single sale. I knew it wasn’t the company because it was a great product and many other affiliates were making a lot of money promoting the exact same product, so I asked myself, “what am I doing wrong?”. But I now know the answer was: everything. I learned it is not as simple as just running ads… if it was the company wouldn’t need affiliates. Still determined, I searched the internet for the answer failing again and again until I found a website called affilorama. There I learned all about the ways to make a tons of money as an affiliate and while I did have to go back to work for a while I can happily say that I quit that job too and I never plan on going to another job because this course has allowed me to make more than enough money to support myself so I now work just 5 hours a week and I make 4,000+ a month, on affilorama I learned:

  • Select your company carefully
  • Only advertise quality products (don’t recommend something you wouldn’t buy yourself)
  • Chose a specific niche
  • Never overcrowd your website with ads
  • Keep track of your results
  • Create original content
  • Advertise more than one company
  • And so much more

So if you wan’t true economic freedom and you are sick of reporting to your moronic boss who is half as smart as you then click here.

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