Bingo rules and regulations: UK

Online bingo is fat gaining popularity and with so many options people are getting attracted towards these online bingo games. But before getting registered to a bingo website it is important to know rules and regulations so as to make an informed decision. Bingo is a form of gamble and the industry is regulated by the government until 2005 under The Gaming Act 1968. From 2005 onwards the industry is regulated under The Gambling Act 2005.

  • As per the Department of Culture website bingo is principally a money-making activity and is regulated by the Gaming Act 1968.
  • Going by the UK laws, bingo can only take place on certified and registered premises and the players must be present in person when the gaming takes place.
  • To defy this rule, a lot of online bingo websites that are open to UK players function outside UK and consequently keep away from legislation problems.

The Gambling Commission is the dictatorial body for casinos, bingo clubs and other additional gaming machines. It was set up under the Gambling Act 2005 to legalize business gambling in Great Britain. Their website covers functional aspects of rules concerning bingo, together with obtaining a license and a number of frequently asked questions.

As per the latest information there is no organization to assist players who have a disagreement with an online bingo website. It is therefore advised that players familiarize themselves with the website’s terms and conditions, particularly about the bonuses, promotions and the payment of wins. All websites have customer care lines which are generally very helpful if you have a question or issue that requires assistance. Keeping in view this information it is imperative for bingo players to know whether the bingo website on which they intent to play is safe or not. Absence of a regulatory authority makes playing bingo online risky. You might win but might not get paid or you might lose your hard earned money without any reason.

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