So in an attempt to write everyday, regardless of length and what ever else, I found myself playing with the word “Edom”. This is what followed what I am inclined to call rough play.
I hope that, unlike all the things which I start, this writing each day becomes a habit and I don’t get tired or just lose the plot. Maybe you’ll look forward to whatever I write and remind me on some day, maybe you won’t. Here, it is though…

I had never witnessed such a vast amount of debauchery in all my years of existence. Certainly, not in the same place. I walked along the streets with my head down, eyes up. The saint in me appalled; the sinner elated.

From the gates, guarded by two obsidian beefy male specimens, my eyes were served a feast of flesh. And what a feast it was! Nubile flesh of varying shades, flavors; chocolate, caramel and even vanilla some with stripes of red velvet; the design of a patron's hands or crop. My mouth watered steadily at the sights. My eyes teared in delight, my hands itching in eagerness.

Happiness had a home here. I am no authority or believer in ideals like true happiness. So, I blind myself to the hollow in their laughs and giggles; the emptiness in eyes driven by riders of lusty beasts. My ears are submerged in the moans of weary travelers on a journey in search of nirvana. My hairs stand on their ends; anxious.

I halt my movement and gaze in awe at the paragon of beauty before me. Standing a head taller than she yet her presence, her mere gaze, towers over me. There is no king in this kingdom. She is queen... and king. I follow her hips with my eyes as they sway seductively while she glides gracefully towards me. I am unworthy of her gaze. 
Behind me, I hear a loud crack of a crop followed immediately by a low silent sobbing. The sobbing moves my eyes from the one I am set to submit myself to; my mind from this land of flesh laced happiness. My mind conjures the memory of a wailing infant; my little girl suckling at the now droopy teats of my wife. One last attempt to save me from placing my soul in the crops and chains of this sovereign. It remained just that; an attempt.

I felt it chill my spine before it hit my ears, soft, strong and sure; her voice. Her dainty fingers, cold as the night, lifted my head; pulling my mind out of its musing. I met her black eyes and allowed myself get lost in their depth and emptiness. I watched her plush lips part slowly, softly and simply: "Welcome to Edom; Sodom's Eden. How can I serve you?"

I’d love to hear from you.
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