Our development team is proud to announce that applications created with Monaca can now use Cordova 6.5. With the Cordova 6.5 support, many additional features will be available in Monaca, such as Android Nougat, iOS 11, the iOS library management tool “CocoaPods” as well as the Swift-made plugins. In addition, once the Cordova 6.5 support is released, the Cordova version of all newly created projects will be 6.5.

  • Cordova Android platform updated from 5.1.1 to 6.2.3 (API level 25)
  • Support for Android 4.1 or later
  • Cordova iOS platform version updated from 4.2.0 to 4.4.0
  • Xcode version has been updated from 7 to…

For those may not know, Onsen UI offers a rich variety of UI components and tons of ready to implement features, specially designed for mobile apps. However, with all these possibilities one can’t help but be puzzled about how can all these components be combined to create an app. For that purpose, we in the Onsen UI team will show you how to use a combination of Onsen UI components to create a user interface pattern almost identical to the one of the popular music app Spotify!

The Pages

First of all, when creating an interface, you must decide how many and what kind of screens (pages) do you need for an app. In this case, our work is cut short, since we will follow the example of an existing app. However, since most of the pages of the actual app are quite similar in design with just slight differences in their functionality, we will limit the number of pages to…

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The Onsen UI team has been working to provide you with exciting new features at every new release. Behold as here come some more!

In this article we introduce the features added in recent versions 2.4.0 and 2.5.0:

  • Swipe to pop (2.5.0)
  • Native <template> Support (2.4.0)
  • <script> in <ons-page> and Page Lifecycle Hooks (2.4.0)
  • Caching / Preloading External Templates (2.4.0)

Swipe to pop (2.5.0)

In Onsen UI 2.5.0 and above, you can use swipe to pop feature by attaching swipeable attribute to <ons-navigator>. …


Onsen UI & Monaca Team

Team of developers from Onsen UI and Monaca

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