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Ban the Quran. Stop Sharia Law from ever being established in Canada, write your MP, MPP & City Council to demand that the Quran be banned.

June 8, 2016

Patty Hajdu MP Thunder Bay-Superior-North

705 Red River Road, Suite 3

Thunder Bay, Ontario

P7B 1J3


Re: Ban the Quran

Dear Ms. Hajdu:

First, I request the Quran be banned in Canada, in any language & on any media. I also request that Sharia Law be banned in Canada. This issue will not go away, a reply is requested.

Second Canada requires you protection. I feel I must say that because what I speak about is not for me. It is for Canada, it is for the Canadian children, it is for Canada’s future. Free from hateful cruel politically minded intent. A book that can destroy everything Canada built. There are documented cases of many countries who believed they could handle the teachings of the Quran. They are met with no go zones.…

There are 35 million Canadians and 1 billion Muslims worship the Quran and believe it is superior to our laws

when it states (killing gays is OK hitting your children for not praying is acceptable beating your wife is OK stoning women is OK hating those who do not worship Allah is OK)

Quran 8:39 Muhammad said

Wage war on non-Muslims and kill them until they submit and the only religion is islam.

It would seem silly to believe that these billion people would adhere to the freedoms and liberties within Canada when it is presenting itself worldwide evidently as incompatible due to the words of Allah in the Koran. We should protect Canadian children from this books ideology. Our laws may be in place but if we openly allow such hate speech what does that say about Canada? Do we not ban child pornography regardless of the Internet access. The point is we take a stand against it. We do not simply say “Well let it be we have laws in place and the Internet makes it impossible to ban.” NO it’s wrong. We fight that which is wrong.

Why would we not take a stand against the Quran. It is wrong. It supports and promotes child marriage.

(Muhammad married a child. Aisha)

This is the Quran being preached on the streets of Toronto Canada….…

THIS is a person who believes in the Quran and is handing out out a book to people in Canada on how to beat your wife.…


If we have laws in place then why are they using our laws to enforce ideals that are blatantly against the values we hold dear.

No child marriage (Quran YES)

No wife beating (Quran YES)

No killing homosexuals. (Quran YES)

Is Canada not seeing the tremendous amount of murders and crimes being caused by this book are we closing our eyes to the effects because a few people say it is peaceful?? I am sure there are Paedophile’s saying that child marriages is ok as well and want to hand out literature…

do we stay silent? If one child is raped due to the Quran. We failed.

If one woman is beaten due to the Quran.

We failed.

We can’t afford silence on the Quran’s words and power over people. We can’t allow this book and its “perfect words.” to defeat our common sense. Our laws seem not to be protecting the innocent minds of those who are forced to read it. It is seeping onto our streets as well. This is a political movement using our democracy NOT just a book.

A way of life that all must adhere to upon its majority status.

Where Quran is majority….the minority are ignored.

Other exMuslims warn us about the Quran and its impact on democracy and freedom.

Using what we built to enforce this books ideals.…

We must be ban the Quran.

We must take a stand before its to late.

We have banned books before. btw…

The Quran promotes WIFE BEATING?!? We may have laws against it yet why don’t we have laws preventing the spread of these words on WIFE BEATING that our laws do not permit?

It’s hypocritical and UNCanadian.

On that point alone why is Canada allowing this quran to be within our borders?

We are being naïve to believe that we will ever be able to take a stand on or against those who stand by the perfect book written by a perfect man called by God in the Quran. Pay attention to other democracies who have not taken a stand until it’s to late (Paris, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Britain) They deal with the qurans influence at an alarming rate with crime and implementing sharia law over their countries democracy. Canada should not fall victim. Our laws should not protect this political movement. Soon it will be illegal to speak out against it. Is this a joke Canada??…

Sharia law✔️✔️

Stop this book now before it destroys Canada.

Can you not give me ears that will listen?

Who do I write that can impact and stop this hate speech in Canada. How do we protect Canada’s future and laws from being changed when the Quran majority get a say??

Who else do I talk to.

Can you forward this to them please.

More of our politicians need to truly understand the impact of this book on a caring society.

For clarity, I request the Quran be banned in Canada in any language & on any media. I also request that Sharia Law in any form be banned in Canada.

Your attention to this matter would be sincerely appreciated.


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