Commercial event in London on 2nd September

A commercial event was held in London on 2nd September with the Chambers of Commerce and Embassies of the countries involved in the activities, UKTI and ONTIER, with the aim of showing the investment opportunities in Colombia and Peru.

This event was held in the offices of ONTIER UK and representing ONTIER were Seamus Andrew (ONTIER UK) and all colleagues from SCA, María Jesús Dehesa (ONTIER Colombia) and Darío Jiménez (ONTIER Peru). We also were hearing from, Juan Manuel Uribe from the Colombian Embassy, Jaime Cardenas from the Peruvian Embassy, and Angus Murray and Neil Wynn Jones from UKTI.

Also present was FREMAPclient of ONTIER Colombia and ONTIER Peru – outlining its experiences of the increased international presence that has taken place in those countries, emphasising the need for legal advice during the process and highlighting the assistance ONTIER has given.

We closed the event with a networking session organized by ONTIER U.K. where all parties interested in the marketing activities could converse with each other and the organisers.


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