Ownership for sale. Monies not accepted. Pay the ‘real’ price.

I know you can afford it. Are you willing to the pay the price for it?

Ontrack comes with a price tag. To ride with us, you have to pay the price. The price of ‘giving up’ ownership. Don’t forget, there is a price for choosing ownership as well that could be heavier if you are not passionate about what you own. Are you willing to pay this price?

Let’s begin. But before we do, I would like to apologise, in advance, for the countless times the words ‘pay the price’ is going to ring in your ears or blind you — if you get frustrated, well, that was the intention. Nothing comes easy, there is a price for everything.

I want to talk about the illusion of freedom and the price for everything that is running our lives today. For now, I think I will focus on the latter. I am not ready for a philosophical mental excursion this morning that the ramblings on freedom is going to embark us on.

You must have heard a few of these ‘old sayings’ that reiterate the same meaning.

> Everything comes with a price tag.

> The bigger the need, the higher the price.

> You need to pay the price for whatever you choose.

If you want to set yourself free of ‘everything’ and not pay a penny for it, you will need to rid yourself of the ‘sinful’ cape of ‘human beings.’ You can’t replace it with the ‘on a break’ cape of invisibility as you will still exist and have a price to pay for it. Even freedom, my love, comes with a cost.

You want to live your life being the ‘good’ person, you will have to pay the price for it dear friend. You will be thrown under those monstrous buses and live the life of a ‘doormat’. You want to be the ‘bad cop’, well, yes, there is a cost for that too. The labels that you will be wearing on your forehead of being ‘flawed’ or let’s say a ‘misogynist’.

The best bloggers have an ‘expense’ to pay. They spend hours reading, writing, rewriting, dealing with critics and bearing the burden of always being the best or watching another blogger climb higher. I wouldn’t mind paying this price. Well, bigger the need, higher the price.

Obama had a price to pay. Trump? He is going to pay a hefty one. I don’t like getting too political in my blogs so I won’t say anything beyond this. While you pay the price of getting exhausted in a corporate job with no time to spare, your friend working as a freelance artist shells out the cost of somehow ‘financially’ surviving pay-check to pay-check.

Similarly, both ownership and renting come with a price tag. The cost for ownership is not only ‘financially’ straining but there are other ‘impressions’ too. Ownership is like being stuck in a never-ending round-the-clock corporate job that you can’t get out of. There is a lack of flexibility, no time/option to try or experience new things, and a job/item you are literally stuck with for decades. Of course, the ownership model offers perks — from the so called ‘security’ to the ‘feeling’ of owning something.

Renting costs, it costs quite a bit, especially if you are in favor of ownership that gives a sense of security. Renting comes with a price tag of somewhere losing ownership — the ‘possibility’ of security and the comfort of it. Though, one must remember, security is an illusion and there is something quite ‘uncomfortable’ about getting too comfortable.

Ownership can be life-changing if you love or are passionate about what you own. I will confess, I own like over 200 books. No, I am not a book hoarder, I read them as well. To prove it, let me tell you, I am currently reading this book called ‘Uncertain Light’ and I get foggy in the head whenever I think about Rahul Khan, the protagonist. Read it, I know you will love it! So, where was I? Yes, books. Sorry, I got foggy there for a minute. The impact of Rahul Khan, you see. So, as I was saying, I could easily ‘borrow’ books from a library instead of spending triple the price to own them. But, I just love books, I love to own them because they give me a sense of ‘contentment’. They have shaped my life and thoughts in a million ways and I owe them my ‘undying’ attachment. So, if you love something as much, go for ownership! Of course, don’t forget, the bigger the need, the higher the price.

I will, though, elucidate the multiple benefits of renting. If there is only ‘utilitarian’ need attached to the item you want, renting is the route to take. Renting allows you to stop and smell the roses. It gives you enough flexibility to make the item disappear when you don’t need it, exchange it for another model or design if you get bored with the old one or completely stop using it without feeling guilty or ‘exhaustively’ and ‘financially’ responsible for its existence in your world.

YES. I will say it once again, the exact words I started with. Ontrack comes with a price tag. To ride with us, you have to pay the price. The price of giving up ownership. Don’t forget, there is a price for choosing ownership as well that could be heavier if you are not passionate about what you own. If you are passionate about motorbikes but don’t have the money to buy one, well, rent one! It’s better to experience what you love than to not experience it at all!

I am not asking you to be a good person nor am I asking you not to be the bad cop. BE what you want to be but be prepared to pay the price for whatever you choose. Every choice you make comes with a price. There is a price for choosing to read this blog and you will also have to pay the ‘heavier’ cost for choosing not to read it — accessibility to my mind-blowing thoughts! You need to figure out which one are you willing to pay the price for and which one is worth the journey you make.

- Neha Chokhani