Written by Martin Chado

“Anyone Driving Slower Than You Is An Idiot, And Anyone Going Faster Than You Is A Maniac.”

I stood from the corridors of my comfort-point and gazed at these men of protocol as they executed their duties. I made a swift race towards them and took this photo, which I know attracted your attention more to this piece.

At exactly 2:45pm, a Road Safety official waved down at a Toyota Camry car. This happened particularly at the CFC bus stop of the city of Port Harcourt - Rivers State, She tried to play a fast one, but could not have maneuvered. I still wonder why we do not have very naughty drivers like the men. She was stopped and made to come down. Her particulars were demanded and by movement, she is a defaulter. You’ll rarely find an average Nigerian who has all papers complete. If you find, that person is more than average.

Just some months ago, the FRSC commander in charge of Rivers State was either demoted or re-deployed on an alleged basis that he humiliated a woman by rashly shredding her hair with an instrument as rude as a pair of scissors. Now, we hear a new commander has been posted, hence, we presume discipline has been restored to the metro.

The lady was later fined and charged, not only for her incomplete papers, but for contempt. I felt I could help her at that point. She was helpless and hopeless. Yes, I have been in such dilemma, of course.

The Federal Road Safety Corps has to look beyond the present. We need innovations. Let the Federal Road Safety Corps devise better means, so they would not have to argue with commuters, stand in front of cars with frustrated drivers, wave you down just to demand for fire extinguishers. Are we Fire Service men?

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