What I learnt from Fabian’s visit to home.

Authored by Martin Chado

Fabian Chukwuma has been a friend from a humble beginning. He has a strong wave of charisma that makes him a potential politico. Till date, I feel we have a story around the Indian movie titled '3 Idiots. Now, we have known better that life itself. Fast-forward to now, he visited and chins of Port Harcourt smiled at him. You cannot imagine the tonnes of Joy, the sense of acceptance in the glaring light of nostalgic feelings. His spirit smiled at the clouds polluted by Soot. His manliness saved him from gushes of tears, not of sadness but of Joy and Calmness.

As he was hugged by a mother of his 'homies' (young people he grew up with), cold drooped down her spine. She struggled with reality and in disbelief, she burst into tears. It did not matter where they are now (status + wealth), what mattered then was the Joy of a Riverine Fabian.

He dropped words of encouragement and they discussed deeply, what life has been and how best they could make a worthwhile reunion. I likewise related fictionally how my reunion would be someday with long-seen 'homies’. I came to a standing conclusion that as we all grow up, we gain a better comprehension towards life. Even some of those we read on the pages of good books are motivational/inspirational nuggets and ideas. Indeed, they are only doing their job; Placing you on high lozenges of hope and an effective pill of near-success. Meanwhile, all Joyce Meyers, Zig Ziglar and John L Mason without work is trash. God’s grace can change all too. So get what is required first and prosperity may come knocking.

We had a happy time and our outpouring happiness exceeded her limits. We were happy we met and it goes on and on. . .

I sign out with this.