There are a lot of unsaid things that continues to linger, sometimes we try to make out the words to express them; then we pause, maybe for the thought of the tiniest of judgement or for want to not say the wrong thing.

Other times, we cannot even fathom the right words, so in those moments we replace them with sarcasm, subtle laughter or subtle smiles that scream “you wouldn’t understand even if I tried”…

That’s the thing, there are no right words. Those words would always be left unsaid, no matter how hard you try because one’s pain can never be expressed in its entirety, only felt

given, it can neither be quantified nor understood.



Happy place☁️ 🦋

Taken by Onyinye Amechi :’))))))

One of my favorite places. I am extremely happy when flying. It is just feels calm, free and tranquil. Honestly the feeling is unexplainable and it comes with the best view.

Funny how I am extremely scared of heights, to the extent that I’m scared of getting on elevators/escalators.

Pedestrian bridges are worse, a million thoughts flood my mind while I am walking — running actually, cause I am always in a haste to get off — on one.

But when I’m flying, I am at peace. I am content and I never want it to end.

Find your happy place. It is the most beautiful thing💙.



That’s it?

The president of the federal republic of Nigeria just addressed the nation. Nothing was said about the Lagos Massacre that happened on the 20th of October 2020, nothing was said about the people who lost their lives while singing the national anthem and holding on to the national…