7 Useful Boox Tips You May Not Know About

In terms of how many opinions we hear from Boox users, you may find that the devices are getting more and more multifunctional, especially after the firmware 2.0 has come out. Here are 7 hints you’ll probably use every day. None of them are particularly hard to find, but all of them make a difference to how to use your Boox.

(1) Stylus Eraser

As known that the stylus can be turned upside down to erase what you have written or drawn on Boox. It’s not complicated but a little annoying right after you did it over and over again. Now feel the stylus with your fingers and you may find a concealed button on the side.

The stylus tip can be used as an eraser when you are holding this button. No more turning over unless you like pencil spinning.

(2) Screenshot

If you are a user of Max series, the screenshot would be a useful function to you once you obsess about drawing. Long press the buttons PREV and NEXT simultaneously and click the save icon on the screen, then the screenshot would be stored at the path: Storage\Screenshots. Capture one of your epic work and post it on social media right now, all you have to do is to count how many likes you’ve got.

(3) App Freezer

The Android system is so compatible with considerable apps, which are becoming a necessity in our life. But here comes a question that too many apps running in background cause high power consumption. The app freezer is able to freeze and store the apps you rarely used but keep stealing your battery as well as memory in the background.

Click the frost icon on the top right of Apps interface, select all of the apps you rarely use. (Note: the selected apps may not be available for use after frozen).

(4) App Optimization

Long press an app icon, you may find app optimization option.

There are many settings here that make the third party app be more suitable for reading.

(5) Handwriting Search

When using this function at the first time, click the options icon on the top right of Note interface and choose “AI recognition settings”.

Select the language you like.

Now you can write in the specified language which can be searched in a simple way.

(6) Handwriting Edit

Circle the content by the select function on the toolbar, then user are allowed to zoom, copy, rotate, and remove the content.

(7) Keyboard Input

There is also a keyboard input function if you prefer printed words as a note. Bluetooth keyboard is allowed. Anyway, great handwriting is advocated even though we all in a digital era.