Would You Like to Do Reading on iPhone XS or E-reader

The annual Apple Special Event has drawn to an end with claps and cheers. Starting with the Apple Watch, there are three new products unveiled to our vision. They’re iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Exciting!

Apple is undoubtedly a recognized creative company. The new models iPhones have larger screens, larger capacities, more powerful camera and longer battery life. In a word, better performance. Anyway, do you notice that the price of the iPhone is unstoppably getting higher and higher every year? Acutally, this is the trend. Cell phones play a great crucial role in our life and cell phones are not just cell phones. They are multifunctional kits which consist of a camera, flashlight, radio, browser, player, etc.. As we know, a device with more functions takes a higher price. Nothing beats the convenience of a smartphone camera.

However, as for some specific subjects we need to go deeper, a professional or versatile appliance is required? For instance, there comes a time when you eager to take your photographs to next level. You start to learn something about how to capture more of the range of color via DSLR instead of snapping a quick photo by your cell phone.

Same as taking photos, reading demands concentration. Certainly, folks can do doing on an iPhone or tablet. But social messages jump out on screen. Games, music, funny video are just over there to distract you. Take time to stop and focus on reading. E-readers are single-purpose devices. E-paper screen provides an awesome paperlike experience as reading a real book. The E-paper, it is not meant to give anything more than a sheer pleasure of reading. More than that, it is not harmful to your eyes even after a long reading time.

As for the E-reader, Onxy Boox is highly recommended. Boox E-reader with E-ink technology brings you a wonderful writing experience no matter for taking notes or painting.

The pdf functions are powerful and all-around. The functions of zoom, cropping page, sidenote, annotation, dictionary are helpful for doing research or reference with dissertation, journal, news.

Onyx Boox E-reader is capable of keeping your eyes from blue light. The main advantages of electronic paper over traditional LCD screens are paper-like readability and extremely low power consumption. E-paper reduces eyestrain since it simulates paper rather than a computer screen.

Now, with a great E-reader, are you prepared to pure reading?