Foldable Phones Are On The Way. So Are The E-ink Devices!

Onyx Boox
Onyx Boox
Jul 19 · 2 min read

After Samsung and Huawei claimed they were going to release a foldable mobile phone, it seems that all phone manufacturers are getting into this. Apple, Sony, Xiaomi, Oppo, Motorola, and LG are on the way, even Google is betting on a foldable future. Some of them will reportedly launch their products in 2019, which offers the convenience of extreme portability when folded and a larger screen whenever you need it.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Huawei Mate X

After seeing this, and take a look at my wallet. Whoops! Time to save money again!

The foldable display has become a trending topic. In fact, the foldable display is not new stuff for E-ink. The E Ink company has been developing foldable and flexible E-ink screens all the time. E ink Mobius is a flexible display technology that let E-ink screens substantially lighter and thinner than general screens. Use of Mobius can also result in a more rugged end product with less breakage in the electronics due to drops or stress tension. It has an advantage of bendable surface, it can be applied to wearable devices, like an E-ink watch. The whole watch surface is made of E-ink display.

Lately, E Ink has unveiled a new prototype that has a 32-inch foldable display. It opens and closes like a real book and this technology might come to a new e-reader in the near future. It has a custom-designed hinge underneath the display, so it does not interfere with the reading experience.

This foldable technology is pretty suitable for eReaders. It could largely improve the reading experience. More importantly than all of that, with this technology, the large screen eReaders can be folded and put into pocket handily. If this technology can be applied to Boox eReaders, would you like to buy it?

Onyx Boox

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Onyx Boox

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