Free E-books? Here Are Some Resources for Free E-books

As technologies evolve, knowledge is not limited to paperbacks any more. There are a lot of channels and sources where people can acquire knowledge. People used to carry heavy books around, but today one Ebook Reader will be able to hold thousands of ebooks that are enough for lifelong reading.

When it comes to ebooks, where can we find free ebooks? Here let us share 6 websites where you can obtain thousands of free ebooks in various subjects and languages.

1. Free-eBooks (

Free-eBooks provides free download of eBooks. You can download the free eBooks you like. You can also upload your eBooks and share with others. You need to sign up before you can download its resources from the website. But sign-up is free.

2. ManyBooks ( )

ManyBooks provide over 33,000 free eBooks to download. You can browse all free ebooks by collections, titles, covers, recommendations or recent reviews. You can save the eBooks to different formats such as Doc,PDF,RTF,JAR,TXT. (BOOX NeoReader supports over 20 ebook formats)

3. GetFreeBooks (

GetFreeBooks provide free ebooks to download. All ebooks on the website can be downloaded free. What more important is all free ebooks provided on this website are legal to use.

4. FreeComputerBooks

FreeComputerBooks specializes in computer science related ebooks, including Computer, Programming, Math, Electronic Engineering, Databases, SQL, Java…etc. This website has 13 main categories and over 150 sub-categories. You can find the specific ebooks you want easily.

5. FreeTechBooks (

FreeTechBooks also provides free ebook related to Computer science, textbooks and lecture notes. It now contains 1211 ebooks and the number is still growing. All ebooks on this website comply with law or are authorized for free. You can browse ebooks by category, author, publisher and license.

6. TheOnlineBooksPage (

TheOnlineBooksPage listed over 2 million free ebooks on the website. You can search the listings by authors, titles, subjects and serials.

Declaimer: we have no possession of none of the above websites. The purpose of this article is to share their resources with more readers.

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