How Electronic Devices Impact on Our Life

Today, the smartphone has been gaining a great popularity, becoming a toxic compulsion. It has invaded our lives and occupied all our interstitial time. It is so commonly seen that the smartphone addicts attend to their phone, ignoring everything. Even meeting with friends, they often pull out the phone in order to take a photo, check a message or even play with a game. Seeming connected with the whole world, they have actually fiddled with the conversation.

Let’s see what’s more in some stats:

(1) 40% of iPhone users surveyed admitted they’d rather give up their toothbrush (for a week) than to be without their phone.

(2) ½ of all adults in one study admitted sleeping with their phone.

(3) People check their email at least once an hour all day and many check it up to 40 times an hour.

(4) Children and Teenagers spend around 75% of their time connected to a screen.

In terms of the statistics, the electronic devices including computers, cell phones, tablets, and television screen do a crucial impact on our life.

If say the strong dependency to the electronic devices is merely for the spiritual plane, the harm to eyes is for physicals organ indeed. In general, people slightly get eye strain one hour after staring at a LCD screen. Electronics actually emit a blue light, which has negative effects on our eyes. Dr. Timothy Ehlen of Minneapolis Eye Center is a comprehensive ophthalmologist who specializes in refractive surgery. He explains, “We as humans can only see a small percentage of the electromagnetic spectrum called visible light. These wavelengths are between about 390 nanometers (nm) to 700 nm. Smartphones, tablets and computer screens emit blue light, which has a wavelength of 380 nm to 500 nm. These short, high-energy waves can cause anything from eye discomfort to retinal damage.” Dr. Ehlen says that blue light creates a glaring effect on the eyes that can lead to symptoms like dry eye, blurred vision, headaches, nearsightedness, and eye fatigue. This condition is commonly called digital eye strain. The symptoms of digital eye strain are usually temporary, but long-term exposure to blue light can be quite severe.

So now, do you come to miss the time when folks read a book on a bench in a park or a newspaper before breakfast under the sunshine? The trend of scientific development makes the things with convenience, and nothing can reverse back. The electronic devices do provide advantages outweigh its disadvantages. What you are supposed to do are to limit the time you spend on screens, and to glare on screens by being in an area with proper lighting. These work to diminish the level of discomfort directly correlating to the amount of time you spend on digital devices.

Besides that, another way to protect eyes from being hurt by blue light is to keep away from LCD screen. The Onyx Boox E-readers with E-ink make sure that people can enjoy the convenience of digital devices but avoid the catastrophic result. These E-readers provides experience as an traditional paper-like feeling without a front light on the screens, which means that people do not have to suffer eye fatigue as with LCD when to read for long hours.


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