Onyx Boox Footprint on DIDAC INDIA

The DIDAC INDIA is the exclusive forum for the education industry in India and the largest in the region. Leading companies of the education industry around the world have participated in the show at alternating venues since it started in 2009. In this year, Onyx Boox is great to bring their E-readers across the world. And India is the first station of the trip to share our development as well as the newest information. Onyx Boox has left its footprint on DIDAC INDIA.

Let’s move to the site, you could not imagine how crowded it was. Whoever set foot in the place, the visitors were getting passionate since the advanced technologies were everywhere and eye-opening. As expected, the booth of Onyx Boox was in the E-paper area, in which folks came to try out products and inquiry about the product information.

It’s known to us all that, black was the only color to Onyx Boox E-readers. The Boox Note was one of the most popular E-readers of Onyx Boox. Its stability, high performance and multifunction earned a great deal of reputation.

Onyx Boox Note

But now, it’s surprising to see that white was also available for the popular model Max 2. Indeed, it’s Onyx Boox Max 2 Pro. This model in white, to a large extent, made it much simpler and clearer, bringing the best and largest display to an E-reader. Compared to the black Max2, not only for the appearance, but the performance made a significant progress also.

Onyx Boox Max2 Pro

India is a potential developing country in Asia and digital education is going to spread over the education industry with the support of India government. E-paper products are just suitable to associate with the local content and benefit for environmental protection. E-paper has to enter into school as students carry too many books in their schoolbags, whilst paper lightweight is necessary in the future.

Last but not least, it’s excellent to see so many fans who paid close attention to E-paper industry. Thanks for you guys’ coming and support.