Onyx Boox Invitation for Firmware 2.0 Closed Beta Testing

Dear friends, after hearing so many precious advice from you, we’ve enhanced our system with further functionalities. Here is a closed beta testing invitation for the coming firmware 2.0. Excited!


English UI users, own one of the models Note, Note+ and Max2.

Upgrade Contents in Short:

  1. New UI,
  2. Book shop
  3. 30% speed increase of opening PDF files
  4. Article mode & comic mode
  5. Double pages reading
  6. Handwriting search & edit
  7. Bluetooth keyboard input on notes
  8. App management and optimization


It is a very low probability event. But in case that the test causes your data loss, please make a backup of your data first. In case of system crash, touch fault, or some other problems, we will provide techinical support such as patch, maintenance and so on. You have to clear the risks and we won’t absorb any shipment cost and tariff caused by that.

How to Participate: (The activity has been expired, please do not send email for the testing)

Send the model of your device and MAC address to the email: socialmedia@onyx-international.com. We are going to inform you once the testing is prepared.

Thank you for your appreciation all the time. We’ll keep improving our products and offer better service for you.