The Most Specific Introduction to Onyx Boox PDF Functions

Whenever you like to find the document you’re going to use for next class or meeting from the mess in your room, it seems to play hide and seek, and you just cannot find it. For the sake of saving those people who are not good at playing that, PDF files come up.

As the rapid development of PDF, which is the file format of journal, dissertation, news, manga, images, etc., it can be used on computers, laptops, tablets and many other devices. But here comes a question, “are pdf files on screen really easily used as papers in hand?” The answer is obviously no. You may come across problems like slow page loading, no zoom function, no note taking. As user experience is ultimately one of the major driving factors for Onyx Boox, it keeps improving the PDF performance on tablets. All of the above problems have been solved and now, let’s show how powerful are the PDF functions of Onyx Boox E-reader.

1. Crop Page

Zoom-in and zoom-out are the basic functions for users to read on a tablet. Still and all, it is not as convenient as reading a paper. The function of cropping page helps to suit the paper to tablets.

After cropping, the blank on every side has been cut down and the novel becomes more precise and easeful to read.


2. Take Notes

At the time you come up with an excellent idea, you catch it and write it down on the paper immediately. How about with an Onyx Boox E-reader? Same as what you do on paper. Take a stylus, record your crazy idea anywhere on an article in the format of PDF.

Often, the words of origin are so dense on a page. Now, sidenote is helpful when you find that there is no space to set down your endless reading notes. Users can divide the screen into two windows. One window is for the book content and another one is for notes taking corresponding to each page.

3. Annotation

Once a paragraph is highlighted, it grasps attention and means it’s vital in the whole content. When you find something valuable in a journal article in a cafe, you want to refer it later to your meeting report or final dissertation, try to make an annoation of the highlighted content. Export it to a certain location, you will find it easily anytime in your Boox.

4. Dictionary

To be honest, people do not surprise some unfamiliar words come out in business or politics section of news. You may look up the words via the built-in dictionary function in seconds.

5. Reflow

All of the users deserve a better reading experience which keeps you away from fatigue under a long-time reading. To adjust word font is one of the most effective ways. More than that, you may adjust justification, straighten, columns and text direction of PDF files.


6. Slideshow

The function of Slideshow makes the PDF file can be viewed as a PPT sildeshow. Users do not have to turn a page in this mode when they would like to read some mangas or paintings.

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