The Reasons Why Onyx Boox Focuses on PDF Reading Experience

Speaking of the academic papers, the first image in our mind is that a stack of A4 papers which cannot be carried up by only one hand. But nowadays it’s quite difficult to see that since the electronics intrude into our life. Thanks to the appearance of PDF files, scholars do not have to suffer printing hundreds of pages, binding them, modifying and then rebinding, taking along, with page bend and wear.

What is PDF Format?

PDF(Portable Document Format) is a file format developed by Adobe Systems. It is a proprietary format that allows you to read electronic documents. This format provides your document in the best format. You can easily view your document page-by-page as they appear in their printed form.

The Advantages of PDF

(1) Graphic Integrity: A PDF displays the exact same content and layout no matter which operating system, device or software application it is viewed on.

(2) Convenient: PDFs are easy to create, read and use by everyone.

(3) Secure: Offers options to set up different levels of access to protect the content and the whole document, such as watermarks, passwords or digital signatures.

(4) Compact: Although PDFs can theoretically contain an unlimited amount of information, they can be compressed into a file size that is easy to exchange while retaining full control over the level of image quality.

Given the above advantages, not only the academic papers but also other documents are suitable in PDF format. It has become a facto global standard for more secure and dependable information exchange.

Aim at The PDF Performance on Ereaders with Large Screens

After all PDF is an electronic format, folks have to view on an electronic device. Scholars have to read numerous resource frequently on a bluelight screen all the time, which absolutely caused a serious eye strain. Glasses become their necessary equipment. Nevertheless, it is still commonly agreed that PDF is the best format for reading.

Therefore, we looked for a way to balance the benefit of paper and electronics, in which people enjoy the convenience of eletronics and keep away from eye harm like reading papers. There is no doubt that E-ink technology is the best solution. Reading a PDF page in full size means to be read on large desktop screens, which also means anything below a 13.3" diagonal screen will present them at a smaller size than intended. So, we got Max series.

PDF Reading

In the case that you need to read a scholar paper in the form of two columns as following, the article mode is highly recommended.

Click “Navigation”=>Artilcle Mode” to enter the mode, the A4 paper is separated into 4 parts and zoom in to area A. When you turn a page by the button Next, it turns to area B. Then area C and D are in sequence. This setting is available for all page for this PDF document until you quit the mode.

Besides that, the most frequently used function in Neo reader is definitely the crop function. You may see the original PDF document has a margin on sides. It’s troublesome to Zoom in or out by fingers. Just try these auto crop functions.

After cropping, it is shown as follows.

Now you feel tensive as not enough space on both sides. Then you need to click “more”=>”Settings”=>”Screen”=>”Crop step size”, adjust the size from 1 to 10.

Go back to the page, more space margin now. You can enjoy your reading as you wish now.

Apart from the scholar papers, we are improving other aspects of reading, writing, sketching, and so on. Stay tuned for more function introduction.

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