ONYX — A new hope.

So, recently I’ve had the marvellous idea of setting up a new “Business” I use this term loosely, as it’s really not a business, it’s an ideal. This platform will allow me to showcase my art, my passion for all things creative whilst maintaining a steady life style. Later it may fluctuate into something more, but for now this is just the beginning. On here you will find my musings and general ramblings/ inspiration and maybe a few other updates.

I do intend on selling my art later on, but for now it is nothing more than a pipe line hobby. So some art may include self portraits, untitled works, contemporary art and the list goes on… I don’t want to confine myself to one medium as that’s how an artiste’ grows and develops.

Tell me how do you define ones art? Once you start adding constrictions to it, is it personal art or is it commercialised art?

Anyway, went a little off point… no matter. So here’s to new horizons & don’t let the b*stards get you down.

Yours Truly,

David x

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