Fragments of Your Soul

I only feel the parts available for me. I only experience the small dose of your intoxicating energy when you remember that you love me. You lost those memories in passing, but here we are again, and will always be. You know why you can’t stay away, but can’t figure out with you can’t stay. You forgot that too. Or perhaps it’s too beautiful. It’s too intense for your dead soul, or that which you thought was dead. What if you dissapoint, or are disappointed? That’s impossible and you know it. The responsibility of being whole keeps you away. You’re so broken that you’re afraid to cut me. What you fail to see, however, is that nothing is sharper than the fragments you carry around. I know I can handle the cuts, I always have, and I know I can bleed out. Thing is, no physical shell made of flesh can kill this spirit. So please, wear your fragments proudly, without worry around me. I already know how this cycle goes.

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