Still Creating

The thing they never warn you about when you set out to create are the leeches that want to suck out your magic. They never warned you how insecure you become when you pour out your heart in your masterpieces and the indifference by those you thought cared. The problem with the creative process that seeks to please an audience always feels like failure because you create expectations instead of expression. It hurts when it doesn’t come out ‘right’ but that’s part of learning to love your creations no matter what. That’s the point of growing past expectations. Ask yourself who it is you are creating for. Ask yourself why you are being consumed without asking. Ask yourself why your work seems to be replicated elsewhere without proper acknowledgement of the spark that made it all possible. It’s a tough and emotional process but it is not impossible. The real challenge is in continuing to express yourself and create without censorship or without flinching when some works are less than perfect. Creative expression has no pattern, mold or a step-by-step process to follow and it becomes overwhelming to know that you hold the key to everything. Do you trust yourself enough to continue? Do you have enough confidence to create?

When in doubt, think of the impact you never knew your work had and the unsolicited appreciation it created. That’s what kept the spark alive.