People, social media, break from life

I think it’s time for me to just fall back at this point. I’m done texting people first, I’m taking a break from calling people just to see how they’re doing, I’m just not gonna do it. Not so surprisingly, my line has been DRY. Basically the only time anyone hits me up is when they need someone or need something, and you know what I don’t mind that. I like being here if anyone needs me, I’m just getting tired of being only that. I’m tired of only being hit up for go outs, I’m tired of no one being here when I need them. Literally since morning I haven’t hit a single person up, and all I’ve got are two texts. One is someone I vn with on the daily and the other is someone letting me know they’re back in my city…”my city”(looks like I’m forced to claim Khartoum).

Complete contrast from yesterday, but I’m grateful. Time to think and time to see who’s really there. Honestly I’ve known who’s been down for me and who hasn’t, didn’t stop me from hitting them up to talk. I’m just disappointing myself at this point. I get bored and I just hit up everyone possible. Or something good happens and people hit me up and fall right back in, even though I’m fully aware they’ll blast as soon as things get hard.