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Wealth is not found in the money we collect, but in recognising our talents and the value we place upon our innate worth. It is the force of life that creates momentum to manifest from our inner wealth, simultaneously opening a portal to receive abundance and rewards. When we work in alignment with our hearts calling, the universe becomes our employer that fully supports us in every step of the way.


Money has been overrated in our society and is the cause of many problems we see in today’s world. It has become a measuring instrument for success and is often used for gaining power and belonging, increasing polarisation. Money itself, however, does not hold value, but is an energy of exchange, a way to acquire products, services or energy. The happiness we experience is a consequence of the freedom we feel by expressing ourselves authentically.

Manifesting wealth in your life comes from recognising who you truly are and from aligning yourself with the intelligent force of life, of which we are all part. Freedom is the outcome of focussing on our higher purpose, act upon it and be consistent, and our ability to express ourselves in a creative, authentic and joyful way. Eventually, the discrepancy between work and play fades away, when ‘have to’ and ‘want to’ becomes one. Next to perusing a career or a way to make money, we can also exchange energy by means of appreciation, friendship, kindness, time, knowledge, trust or love.

“I am open to receive unlimited abundance in my life.”


Often people say: “If I have enough money, I can finally do what I like doing most, so I can be who I am.” However, to find the real joy and purpose in our life, we need to think the other way around. “By being who we truly are, we find our true purpose. As a result, we receive exactly what we need.” It is a different approach, teaching us that when our heart is not involved in what we do, we are not very likely to become happy or fulfilled with what we do.

You know you are on purpose when you experience positive energy from acting on your inner guidance, with self-worth and respect, which comes from doing what is right for you. You will appreciate the unfolding of your life and value Monday’s as much as Saturday’s. The joy of ‘doing’ becomes a priority. As a result, you will be grateful for all that comes out of it. Hence, the degree and value of your gratefulness will determine the amount and value of your rewards.


Each of us is born with a gift, a unique talent that carries the potential to make a difference in this world. This gift is seated within our heart and connected to the universe’s intelligence and our purpose in life. It is the force of life which holds the full package to achieve our goals and dreams. When we give to the world, with what we have been given, we automatically will be re-given what we need, to live the life that suits us and enhances our personal journey.

Therefore, giving from the heart holds a different value than giving with the mind. The mind somehow tends to expect something in return, something of value that can be measured in money or materials. When the heart gives, it does it without expectations, because it is the natural flow and working of the heart. Interesting enough, when we give with the intention of love, we are always re-given, it is the Law of the Universe. It doesn’t necessarily need to come from the person or source to whom we have given; the universe tends to work in wondrous ways.

“I respect myself for all that I give to the world.”


Pay attention to your focus and inner visions, because what we attract is always in alignment with how we think and feel, which is a reflection of our self-worth. In order to receive, we need to open ourselves to the gift of abundance and allow the energy of the universe to flow through us. By holding this intention, we place ourself in a powerful vortex, supporting us to attract endless blessings.

Be grateful for the big and small blessings in your life, because they increase the experience of inner and outer abundance!

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