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Beautiful words by Leonardo DaVinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” His sculptures indeed appear to have just shaken off the stone to stepped out of it. Nothing reminds us of the endless hard working hours it obviously took him to make them.

image by Bench Accounting

He taught us that excellence, which seems to come into existence effortlessly, does claim our full attention. Producing a masterpiece, or anything of value, can only come forth with our focus, determination and discipline, which requires a pure and simple way of being.


Simplifying our life has a different meaning and a different value for every person. For me, it means eliminating the non-essential, replacing chaos and disorder for harmony and balance. Creating a life that allows me to focus on my priorities and do the things I love doing most and give me satisfaction. By letting go of all that doesn’t add value to my life, I allow myself to give priority to the unfolding of my higher purpose.

Obtaining simplicity isn’t always a simple process. It’s a journey, rather than a destination, and often with two steps forward and one backwards. Such as the cha-cha-cha, a moving process as part of the dance of life, a flow of joy, refinement and determination. A process that creates room to connect with our inner voice, the master of our life.

“Simple doesn’t mean unintelligent, it is the height of spiritual sophistication.” ~ Elizabeth Peru


By simplifying our life, we create space for beauty and integrity to emerge. We discover this by creating spaciousness, and by reorganising and decluttering our lives.

Starting with our home, workspace and cluttered area’s, such as wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, the attic, the basement and shed. It is advisable to do this at least once a year and bring the unnecessary yet useable stuff, to the recycle shops and dispense the useless. Also, frequently purge and reorganise your digital life; your files, folders, photo’s and email account, as they tend to stack up easily and become overwhelming at times. Less clutter, more quality!

image by Dustin Lee

Another important area to declutter is an unhealthy lifestyle, habits that harm your health and well-being. Next to food intake, it’s wise to consider releasing blocked emotions, which have an adverse effect on your health. We simplify our life by taking responsibility for the unfolding of our life; stop blaming others for the way we feel, giving up the need to be right and to control every step of our journey. Distinguish to whom and what you give your energy and time to. Practicing discernment supports you to simplify your life and maintain healthy relationships. By eliminating the unnecessary, the necessary becomes visible; the emerging of a masterpiece, your masterpiece!!

“The ability to Simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” ~ Hans Homann


By practicing mindfulness, we become conscious of the present moment, a place with no past and no future, just ‘now’. As a consequence, we become at peace with ourselves and open to what comes our way, without judgment or fear. Our attention will not be drawn into the drama’s created by our thoughts or mirrored by others. The quality of our life improves, affecting our health, sleep and relationships. We then realise that we have access to an infinite field of solutions for the challenges we face. We only need to listen and learn how to receive them, in peace and quietness.

Often solutions and creative inspirations arise in moments when we don’t pay attention to our thinking, feel at ease and are in harmony with where we are. Meditation or conscious breathing can bring us into this state of mindfulness, as does physical exercise or a walk in nature. Listening to a singing bird or watching the beauty of a blooming flower may be exactly what we need. As I mentioned in my previous blog, cats and pets in general, have this quality too! These are just a few examples to practice mindfulness and become aware of the present moment.

“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, Simplify . . .” ~ Henry David Thoreau


Mindfulness gives us an excellent opportunity to simplify and create a meaningful life, with inner peace. If we are connected with ourselves, we simultaneously are aligned with the soul of the Universe, guiding us through every step of the way. If you act from a place of trust and inner knowing, you lose the need to make life complicated, with unnecessary stuff and redundant information that is 24/7 trying to reach you. Most importantly, you lose the fear to manifest the life that is waiting for you to be lived. We become more authentic and start loving ourselves for who we truly are, with more joy and satisfaction. Simple and truthfully!

After all, by simplifying our life, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

“Simplicity is to identify what is most important to you and eliminate everything else.“ ~Monique van Ooteghem

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