Like It Is: Bob Dylan Explains What Really Killed Rock ’n’ Roll
Brent L. Smith

I have been thinking lately that those of us who have lived through the fifties and sixties have much to share with younger generations. As I read this, memories flowed and feelings too. It must be difficult for young people to understand how imbedded certain attitudes are in our society and how manipulated a society can be. I know we’re facing much of that today and it may seem like it is happening in different areas of our lives but it’s all part of the whole. If we’re ever going to create true change, we have to unite by sharing our stories, our views and our feelings so that we start piecing together a big picture. Corporate greed and manipulation was obvious in the music industry throughout my youth. Racism, misogyny, unfair labor practices — all drove that system. Music was the language many of us shared in spite of all the corruption. It helped us to cross the barriers that the previous generation were afraid of. Great article. Thank you.