Help improve Nigeria’s Open Government Partnership National Action Plan

Deadline: 17th November 2016

Nigeria’s draft National Action Plan (NAP), to be submitted for approval to the International Steering Committee of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) at the fourth OGP Global Summit in Paris, France, from December 7 to 9, 2016 is now available for public consultations. The first draft of the National Action Plan was developed at a National Retreat on the OGP held in Kaduna from October 24 to 26, 2016 and has subsequently been revised by a core team established for this purpose, based on comments and feedback received from participants at the National Retreat.

The draft NAP [Download a copy here] developed at the retreat is now available for comment by the public.

This draft covers the following thematic areas:

1. Fiscal Transparency (including Tax and Extractive Industry Transparency)

2. Anti-Corruption

3. Access to Information

4. Citizen Engagement and Empowerment

Each proposed commitment seeks to tackle an aspect of governance that will improve transparency and accountability, reduce grand corruption, improve service delivery; increase citizen engagement and participation in governance.

How to respond
This draft NAP will be out for public consultation until November 17, 2016. We invite you to help further improve these commitments by contributing your comments and suggestions.

There are some ways you can respond.

Comment online

You can respond to the commitments with others via googledocs open to anyone:

· Leave a general reflection — by selecting the title of the commitment, clicking the speech bubble that appears on the right side and writing your reflection.

· Agree/disagree with another Response — by clicking the reply below the comment you agree/disagree with and stating your position on it

· Make a specific suggestion — by selecting the relevant text and clicking the speech bubble that appears on the right side and writing your suggestion.

· Share a section you agree/disagree with — by tweeting at @OpenAllianceNG @ogpnigeria or using the hashtag #NG_NAPlan

Email us your thoughts

Word format versions of the draft guidelines can be downloaded via this links:
 — Word [.docx]

Add your comments to the document and/or send us your thoughts via this email:

Thank you

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