Ryan Paul, Developer Evangelist at RethinkDB, recently published a post on the RethinkDB blogs on using the RethinkDB C# driver in the newly introduced open source version of PowerShell! Read on for more goodness.

PowerShell is a scripting and command line shell built on top of the .NET runtime. Although it was originally created for Windows, Microsoft recently introduced an open source version of PowerShell powered by the cross-platform compatible .NET Core. Users can now download and run PowerShell on Linux and Mac OS X.

One of PowerShell’s strengths is its interoperability with the .NET ecosystem. PowerShell can load types and methods from .NET assemblies, making it possible for PowerShell scripts to incorporate functionality that is implemented in practically any C# library. …

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Lucas Humenhuk, a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft in Brazil, talks about being a lawyer, his favorite open source moment and powerhouse Brazillian role models.

What do you currently do at Microsoft?
I am a technical evangelist in Brazil, working with Azure — specifically with IoT, mobile apps, machine learning and big data.

What was your background before you started at Microsoft?
It’s a funny thing, actually — I have a law degree, so I was doing law for five years. After that, I wanted to join the tech world, so I studied computer science — specifically Information Systems. From there, I started developing mobile apps for Apple and then worked at the Microsoft Innovation Center in Brazil teaching Microsoft technologies. …

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Ryan Farr, a software engineer intern within the Open Source Programs Office at Microsoft, talks about side projects, what’s he’s up to this summer and cheesecake.

Tell us about yourself!
I study computer science at the University of Utah. The summer before this internship, I was working for NASA’s Glenn Research Center. I’ll be doing research next semester along with being a TA. I also have a game I’ve been working on with some friends. We got the game, “We Need To Go Deeper,” greenlit on Steam so that’s mostly what I work on in my spare time.

How did you find out about the Microsoft internship?
I saw the opportunity in a newsletter that said Microsoft recruiters were going to be looking for resumes at the University of Utah. This event was going on in the building that I was spending all of my semesters in so I was like, “Why not?” At first, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to work for Microsoft. But when I came here to do the interview, that’s when I decided that I wanted to work here. I felt the passion from everybody that was interviewing me. I was amazed at how good these people were at their jobs. It just wasn’t the picture that I originally had of Microsoft. So then I was like, “Yeah! I should do this.” …

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Jakub Jedryszek, a software engineer on the Azure Portal, talks about his side project voiceCmdr as well as late-night Coca-Cola and ninja stickers.

What do you currently do at Microsoft?
I’m a software engineer on the Azure Portal. I work on the front-end and, more precisely, work on the Azure Portal Framework on top of which other teams build extensions that are Azure features. For example, websites, virtual machines, SQL and so on.

How did you get into open source?
It just happened — I mean when I do something after work, I just put [my projects] on GitHub because why not? And then maybe somebody will find it useful, maybe not. So that’s sort of how I got started. These days, most successful projects are open source. Everybody is on GitHub — there’s a great community there. …

As of today, INRIA — better known as the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation — launched Software Heritage, an international open project dedicated to collecting, organizing, preserving and making easily accessible any already publicly available source code.

Software Heritage has already collected more than 20 million software projects, archiving more than two billion and a half unique source files. Together, with all of the source files development history, this project is already the richest collection of source code on the planet.

Microsoft has been involved in open source initiatives by enabling, integrating, releasing and contributing to many open source projects and communities for well over a decade. …

Nadia Eghbal, who recently published A handy guide to financial support for open source, shares a number of ways in which projects can find funding.

We thought the list was fantastic, and wanted to post some of these snippets on here too for our readers.

Donation Button

Few strings attached
-Little work involved: “set it and forget it”

-Usually not much money unless you have dedicated fundraising efforts
-Need a legal entity to donate to (e.g. SFC, OpenCollective are fiscal sponsors for this purpose). …

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With this year’s DockerCon being held in Seattle, we couldn’t contain our excitement. We’re huge fans of Docker and DockerCon made us even bigger believers in Docker.

For example, when Gordon the Turtle decided to take over the Day 1 keynote, he unleashed the power of laser-beaming kittens!

But in all seriousness, there were some exciting announcements during the keynote sessions.

On Day 1, Solomon Hykes, founder and CTO of Docker, revealed that in the first 24 hours that the betas for Mac and Windows were released, there were 30,000 testers and up until DockerCon, there have been 70,000 beta-tester sign ups since March 2016. Amazing! …

Ah, weddings. Love is in the air with flowers, family and friends and a beautiful cake with miniature bride and groom figurines adorning the top. It’s a picturesque and peaceful scene.

On the other hand, Keith Loo, Open Source Lead at Microsoft Canada, and his now-wife Mila had different ideas for their wedding. Instead of the usual vows, they decided to change things up a little bit and added a Microsoft and open source twist to their special day.

Keith talks more about his action-packed wedding as well as his time at Microsoft maintaining Make Web Not War and more. …

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Sebastien Ros, a developer on the ASP.NET MVC team, talks about the early days of Orchard, how to get started contributing and keys to successful projects.

What do you currently do at Microsoft?
I am a developer — I currently work on the ASP.NET MVC team. I switch between ASP.NET MVC as well as Orchard, so depending on the workload we have for my other team or Orchard, I go from one project or the other. In the same day I can work on two projects, so it depends.

Orchard is a content management system like WordPress. It’s pretty much the same thing but made in ASP.NET and MVC — it’s both open source and free. The goal is that we can provide an open source CMS built with ASP.NET …

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Josh Goldberg, a Software Development Engineer on Office Sway, talks about TypeScript, FullScreenMario and beautiful code.

What are you currently working on in the Office Sway team?
We have a pretty large web application — it’s all written in TypeScript and works in a browser as well as native apps on Windows and iOS. It’s a relatively new application, but we recently invested more to start making it run smoother and have better performance. So I’m part of a team that investigates where we could do better and where we’re going wrong to try and fix it. …


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