RogueBlox Alpha Test Campaign

4 min readNov 22, 2022


Hi Bloxers,

Thanks everyone for waiting, it is finally time to launch RogueBlox Alpha Test!

With the Alpha test game launch, there will be also a specific website launch, where everyone will have the chance to explore the #BloxVerse and all the details of the game. On the website everyone can also apply for RogueBlox Alpha test spot. Check it out now!

We decided to limit the alpha testing spots during the first few weeks to test the game bug reporting. While we want to roll this out to a larger userbase in the future, a smaller group will allow us to test and iterate faster. We want to make sure we will provide the best final product to the public userbase and to make it happen, we need your contribution.

How to apply:

Many of you may have had Beta Testing spots from our previous events. Those who have Beta Testing spots will have bigger chances to be part of the Alpha testing campaign.

Bloxers who do not have Beta Testing spots, please don’t be discouraged. We will provide you with more ways to participate! The tasks below need to be completed to qualify for a chance to get an Alpha spot :

Those who complete the tasks will be on our waitlist and a number of testers will be selected. Announcements will be done in our community, so make sure that you are an active member of our Discord.

Here is a sneak peek of the game’s login access once you become an Alpha tester:

We would also love to provide some Alpha test spots for creators! If you are making content on Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, etc. Please feel free to send us your channel/website: (Email subject: RogueBlox Alpha Testing)

Retaining Alpha Test spots.

As initial group of testers which will start to test the game, we will be welcoming anyone to provide us feedback of what they love, what could be improved , and what features they hope to see in the future. We will have our ears to the ground to make sure we can make the best game possible. Bloxers who participate will be rewarded.

To analyse every tester’s contribution and distribute the rewards, we would like to introduce our points system : ( Failing to meet the weekly minimum tasks will consist of losing the Alpha testing spot for further testing )

Completing tasks will also provide the below rewards:

Points which will be earned by social media activities.

  • Tweets are counted up to two times per day.
  • Youtube videos are counted up to two times per week.
  • Streaming are counted up to two times per week.
  • Articles about RogueBlox GamePlay are counted up to one times per week.

*Details will be announced soon.

Every tester will be given a form to fill in and we would like to review weekly. At the end of the week, Top game performers and Top bug reporters will be rewarded. Everyone will have the equal chance to participate.

*However, the alpha test spots are very limited and we want to provide the chance to the real builders. Unfortunately, if you fail to meet the minimum tasks at the end of the week, you will be disqualified without further notice.


The reward will be announced when the alpha test officially starts, more exciting news will be shared shortly!

Stay tuned to official OpenBlox channels for more news.

So, good luck out there! Thank you for all of your feedback on OpenBlox so far, and we look forward to more feedback.


How will I know if I am qualified to become an Alpha Tester?

You will receive a “RogueBlox Alpha Test” role in our Discord once you are selected. You will receive a notification once confirmed, and you’ll gain access to the private chatroom for the testers.

Where can I play the Alpha Test version of RogueBlox?

RogueBlox will be an Application. For now, the Alpha Version is supported for Windows and Mac only. Mobile version is not available, but it will be a plan in the future.

You don’t need to have a high specs Laptop/PC device. Core i3 would be the minimum specification for Windows.

When will the RogueBlox Alpha game start?

Our selected Alpha Testers will receive confirmation on our Discord once they can start playing the game. It will be not later than this month and we’ll start rolling the game out for the testers.

Do I need to become a Genesis Holder to test the Alpha Version?

Due to careful consideration and to give importance to our Genesis Holders, owning at least 1 Blox NFT will be important in becoming an Alpha Tester of the game.

For those who are non-NFT holders but are enthralled to experience RogueBlox, subscribe to our email newsletter on our RogueBlox website and don’t miss our future announcements. We also wanted to let the public come and test our game!


  • If you have any questions, please contact our mods in Discord/Telegram.
  • OpenBlox reserves the right to disqualify testers who profit from malicious acts, including opening multiple accounts for additional bonuses and other illegal, fraudulent, or harmful acts.
  • OpenBlox reserves the right to amend the terms of this event without prior notice.
  • OpenBlox reserves the right to final interpretation of this event.