Bouquet - The Open-Source Analytics Toolbox

4 min readFeb 12, 2016

Bouquet was born from a simple idea: provide a powerful analytics toolbox that’s flexible and open source. Over the years, an open-source business-intelligence ecosystem has emerged and Bouquet wants to be part of it with one goal: empower a community of app developers to deliver data-driven apps to end users across all verticals and organizations.

Today we’re excited to announce Bouquet, the open-source analytics toolbox to explore, share, and connect your data to applications and visualizations.

While the need for actionable business intelligence grows, adoption is hampered by complexity of access to clean, reliable data presented in a simple way. Bouquet solves these issues by providing the missing layer between raw data and end user visualizations.

Bouquet maintains a business dictionary of data for everyone to understand the data, automatically generates the SQL code to make the appropriate data transformations, and provides developers with simple building blocks to build data-driven apps in minutes.

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We love open source, freedom, and collaboration so it came naturally for us to open source Bouquet. Our intention is to spur a community of open sourcers to grow their own creative potential and invent new usages for data. Bouquet aims to be a standard to build analytics apps in a faster, more reliable way, and the only way to succeed is to work together as a community.

It’s time for you to join the Bouquet community!

We know that it’s important for you to keep your data under control, integrate new solutions with ease, and not be vendor-locked. Bouquet’s mission is to connect your data to other tools: analytics & machine learning tools, data visualizations, CRM systems; in fact, we’re working hard to integrate as many connectors as we can.

Last September we launched the first version of Bouquet and our first users joined the fun. We got a lot of feedback and a pile of things to do. We massively iterate on each feedback to fix bugs, improve the user experience, and add features.

We want to thank everyone who lets us know how we could improve Bouquet and make it an awesome analytics platform!

New Features

Dynamic modeling (or Zero Commute): Bouquet now exposes the structure of your database in a user-friendly metamodel even if you have hundreds of tables. It also offers the possibility to edit that model directly from the Bouquet app and experiment with the result instantly. It is fully dynamic, no config or set up.

Expression editor: We improved the expression editor and its error messages. You can now reference your own formulas (metrics and dimensions) to make things faster and easier.

Quick Preview: Bouquet directly displays your analysis as a table or time series within Bouquet.

Bookmarks API: Bookmark your analysis in one click to save your configuration and share it. If you are an App developer you’ll love this feature too!

Preview SQL: In full transparency you can now check the plain SQL query generated by Bouquet and reuse it as you wish. Of course, each query is commented so you don’t have to decypher the matrix.

Templated data export: Export your data in no time and create custom templates to produce HTML, XML, Excel stylesheets, etc.

Plugin architecture for DB connectors: DRILL and SparkSQL recently joined the Bouquet connectors list. Thanks to our new classloader, you can use both at the same time!

Smart cache: We reworked our cache engine. The preview and export cache work together to deliver you the fastest experience.

An API for your data: A powerful, simple, and complete API that lets you interact with your data quickly and easily in a programmatic fashion. All Bouquet features are available from the awesome REST API. It’s like giving REST access to your data warehouse!

Build your own application: Bouquet Javascript SDK simplifies the development of custom analytics apps — Backbone (Nested) model, event model, widgets (Auth, Admin, Filters, Data visualisation, etc.), states, and bookmarks. Create your analytics application in no time.

Take part in the adventure and try the Bouquet demo now!

Enjoy open-source analytics!




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