Have you even ever read the paper Craig?
Lawrence McCurry


I appreciate the time you have taken in replying. I have seen a few issues of YWN, and take a drastically different take on the content I have seen.

It’s possible there’s parody of some sort in the content, but inviting people to join a Hitler fan club and supporting Holocaust denial, to cite two examples from the webpage, is horrible. The burning of books also does nothing to support open dialogue. A “Make Canada Great Again” hat on a child with a swastika on their arm? How is that anything but Nazi promotion?

We’re not having a debate here, so I’ll put to you what my concern is, and you can take it as you will. YWN foments hate. The content seeks to dehumanize, poke at notions of lost superiority and generally sends signals that encourage hateful behaviour. By evoking Hitler and the Nazis, you are both evoking and validating what they stood for.

I told a few survivors about some of the images I had seen in YWN — they were deeply disturbed. To them, your publication fits within an emerging patter that feels all too familiar to them. If you want to defend your words and say that the offence felt by Holocaust survivors means no more than your own perspective, that says a great deal about you.

Maybe it’s all about flipping the bird at convention. Maybe the goal is shock-value sales. Hate is a poison; whatever your reasons for promoting it, you poison yourself as much as you do civic dialogue.

Please try looking at your content through the lens of those who have been offended; ask why they have been hurt by that content. If you were to sit down with a survivor of the Holocaust, how would you explain the use of Nazi imagery to them?

Do the reverse, too — if you were to have a chance to really explain your worldview, and the source of your frustrations and what gives you offence to those you feel are misjudging you or wronging you, what would you want to say about yourself?

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