RANT: You Can’t Have Freedom without Responsibility

Well folks get use to it we are no longer living in a free country other cultures ideas are replacing ours and government doing whatever they want to and don’t care what we say because they are not even listening….just saying..

That quote is from a Facebook thread that started with a dad complaining that his kid wasn’t being allowed to play ball at school with a soft ball, because of the risk of getting injured.

The question I asked in return — exactly which culture is it that’s imposing a no-ball-in-ball idea on this bastion of Canadianism?

Moreso — when parents are complaining about their kids being disciplined for things like punching over kids in the face (it’s your fault for letting it happen!) or dismissing bad behaviour from their kids in class (he broke your markers? My tax dollars pay for your budget on that!), how much are moustache-twitching bureaucrats villains vs. just trying to manage the impossible expectations of voters?

We want everything, but we don’t want to pay for it. We want a “free country”, but only for us — people who do stuff that makes us uncomfortable, or engages in the same bad behaviour we defend in ourselves apparently don’t count.

Does this guy volunteer in his kids’ class? Does he stay in regular contact with the teacher, just to have a relationship and to effectively understand the why behind stuff like this?

We have gotten so good at blame, so enamoured with entitlement, but we shirk responsibility. That’s not a “Canadian value” I care for. It’s tragedy-of-the-commons nonsense that provokes problems rather than engages community for solutions.”cultural ideas replacing ours” — which culture and which ideas?

The usual suspect these days is Islam. What ideas, pray-tell, could this fella be referring to? Homophobia? That’s already here, dude. Marginalizing women? Canada is still behind the eight-ball on this, and we’re doing better than we were a century ago partially because of diversity.

Ah, he’ll say, but Sharia Law. Which I doubt he knows — I certainly don’t — but then I have never once heard advocated for by any of my Muslim friends. Not once.

Two of my best friends are Muslim women — one covers her hair, because she wants to, and both are among the most accepting, progressive, compassionate, and community-committed people I know. It’s not part of some far-reaching conspiracy to take over by stealth and then impose their will (that’s what every political party does, though). They’re just good people, and frankly being Muslim is part of what shapes that positive outlook.

The same could be said for Christian friends, Jewish friends, Buddhist friends, Hindu friends, etc, etc. If we wanna talk about “cultural ideas”, let’s start with this one: The Golden Rule. Look it up, it’s a pretty universal thing.

Does this mean I think the author of the comment above is a bad dude, a white supremacist or whatnot? Nope. I don’t know enough about him to judge, but I will flat-out say that the comment is ignorant. I’m a big fan of getting informed and then getting engaged, which is why I wrote back to him in the first place.

As Warren Kinsella pointed out in a recent piece, the comment above is reflective of a growing trend of white angst at a changing status quo that in their view, fuelled by sensationalist media headlines and self-validating stuff on the internet, is shaping a world view of learned helplessness, a fear of losing a mythical Utopian existence that never was in the first place.

There are so many ways that this is a dangerous trend. The more we cast blame, dig into our ignorance, and build out fictional pasts to cling to, the less we’re focused on all the things we need to do to build a bright future.

The counter-argument is that freedom is the right to do nothing, to be ignorant, to say anything without any self-moderation. Which is a bit like saying freedom is the right not to clean up after yourself, or to throw any punch at any face you want. See, there tend to be consequences for actions and inactions. We seem to have forgotten this.

Freedom is a garden that needs tending — actively. If we are insistent on our freedom being of more value than theirs, then there is no freedom, period. If we choose to blame, rather than understand, vent rather than communicate and bitch rather than solve, the only people we will have to blame for the withering of society is ourselves.

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