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All About Partnerships

Hello Partnership-People!

In this issue of All About Partnerships, we are going to talk all about our giveaway campaign 🤑🤑 and the interesting partnerships happening in the web3 world!

Happy International Women’s Day! Thank you to all the fabulous women who help make the world a better place. 💐❤️

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3. AMA: OpenFren x BlockParty

Join us while we have a cross-community AMA with Kay, the founder of BlockParty! BlockParty is the first virtual vista of its kind, built up of 2,800 Manhattan themed city blocks.

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The Sandbox x World of Women

World of Women (WoW), an NFT-focused community, announced that it is coming to the gaming platform The Sandbox. The main focus of the partnership is to bring crypto education to women, with the help of a $25 million grant through the WoW Foundation. Courses and various other initiatives will be hosted in The Sandbox. Who runs the web3 world? Women!

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Crypto.com Capital x Arcade

Arcade, the leading infrastructure for GameFi and Crypto.com Capital (the venture arm of Crypto.com) have announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. What we can look forward to: lower barrier of entry to play-to-earn games, getting rewards, blockchain education, welcoming newcomers into the GameFi space, and allowing anyone to participate in the metaverse. Let’s go!

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EQONEX x Bifinity

EQONEX, a digital assets financial services company, is partnering with Bifinity, a payments technology company and the official fiat-to-crypto payments provider for Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider. Bifinity will advance a US$36 million convertible loan to EQONEX and will work together to maximize business synergies created by this new strategic relationship and capitalize on opportunities to cooperate and further expand their businesses.

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CoinFund x Apex Group x Nori

CoinFund partners with Apex and Nori to move towards a more environmentally conscious web3. Apex will deliver an independent, in depth assessment of the carbon emissions associated with the firm’s bitcoin exposure. With this calculation in hand, CoinFund will work with Nori to physically remove an equivalent amount of emissions from the atmosphere through carbon abatement and sequestration.

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Permission x Swash

Permission.io, the leading provider of permission-based web3 advertising, announced its partnership with Swash, a complementary web3 project seeking to further empower and promote data sovereignty in the new age of the internet. The partnership between Permission and Swash will focus on ways to build and develop an innovative framework for data ownership, control and monetization, governed by the ethos of web3. Let’s keep keeping our data safe 💪🏻

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FTX Gaming x IndiGG

The two companies will partner to drive web3 proliferation and adoption within the Indian gaming industry. India has over 400 million gamers and is expected to grow to 650 million by 2025. Gaming grew from a $0.8bn industry in 2019 to a $1.8bn industry in 2021.This partnership opens the door into India’s crypto scene, introducing crypto-based P2E gaming in the country!

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