🚨 Introducing Custom Checkouts

Create payment buttons and payment request links to accept bitcoin with or without a website.

3 min readFeb 15, 2019

We’re excited to announce the newest feature to OpenNode — Custom Checkouts. Now you can quickly create checkout presets and share those through a payment button or request link straight from the Tools section in your dashboard.

Add payment buttons

You can now generate payment buttons on the merchant dashboard and embed them anywhere on your website, with no additional setup. Visit the Tools section and you’ll be able to customize each of these buttons by choosing your own image, description and amount. We’ve also added the ability to let you either input a single amount which must be paid when the button is clicked or you can let the customer choose any amount they want to pay (e.g. donations).

One of the key features of embeddable payment buttons is the ability to collect information from your customers to ensure accurate and smooth delivery of your product/service. To help complete your sale, you can now ask for your customer’s full name, email, address and receive a notification by email when a payment is received.

Share payment links

Along with embeddable payment buttons, you’ll also be able to create and share a permanent link to a hosted page. This will allow you to securely accept bitcoin payments online whether you have an online store or not. Like the payment button, you’ll be able to ask for customer information and either set an amount to be paid or allow your customer to input their desired amount.

This payment request link simplifies invoicing by giving you the ability to send a payment form that uses the exchange rate at the time the link is opened and does not expire. Use this feature to preset invoices that you can send and keep track of directly from your dashboard.

Want to try out our newest feature and give back?

Our team is here to do everything we can to educate others about bitcoin and do our part to spread adoption. Part of that lies in helping projects and contributors that are building solutions to help bitcoin spread.

We’ve decided to showcase our hosted payment page with a live donation demo for an open-source project that has been instrumental in educating people about bitcoin and the importance of being your own bank. Check out our demo and donate to the hard-working contributors at BTCPayServer so they can continue working to support bitcoin’s development/adoption.

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