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Dec 18, 2018 · 4 min read
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Our new logo

After numerous hours of testing, building and designing we are proud to present a product we believe people will love to use.

We’re excited to introduce OpenNode — a bitcoin payments platform for everyday.

With a refined workflow that is more intuitive than any payments platform available, we’ve made bitcoin easier than ever.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this process. We’re excited to share some news that would not have been possible without your help and feedback.

Seed Round

While growing our product, we knew we’d need support to have the capability and opportunity to onboard the world. We were extremely fortunate to find everything we need from someone who shares our vision and belief in what OpenNode and bitcoin can become.

We ’re proud to share that we have concluded our Seed round with Tim Draper & Draper Associates. With their backing, we plan to scale the team, build our network, and ultimately, push for hyperbitcoinization.

A brand new look and feel

Our goal has always been to make bitcoin easier than ever. Today, we’re publishing a redesigned website and platform that aims to better represent our brand and message moving forward.

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Anyone trying to monetize an idea should give us a try. You can plug OpenNode directly into your business with either our e-Commerce plugins or our simple API within minutes, risk-free.

Launch Promotion

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From now till the end of the year, OpenNode will be free for the first 30 days. Our fee will remain at 1% in hopes to allows businesses of all sizes to experience accepting Bitcoin on-chain and via the Lightning network with no hesitation.

You can view the full pricing details here.

Merchant referral program

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Know a business that should start accepting bitcoin? When a user refers a friend to OpenNode, that user can now collect 10% of our 1% transaction fee per referral. By sharing these benefits, we hope to push merchant adoption and give back to our users for supporting the growth of the network. If you want to take advantage of this program feel free to reach out at


As our platform grows, support must grow as well. We’ve added a new help section (updated & refined weekly) and a product tour on sign-up which will help guide you from invoicing on-the-go, to API integrations, and everything in between.

The future

We’re looking to scale our team. We need talented individuals that want to take part in our mission to make Bitcoin the new medium exchange for everyday payments.

We’ll be growing our development team, bringing on more designers and adding to our marketing operations. If you think you’re ready for this journey, apply here:

It’s been an incredible ride to get to where we are today and we can’t wait to see where users like you take OpenNode. We’re excited to release our new look and features today. We hope you enjoy OpenNode as much as we’ve enjoyed building it. With more features and more partnerships on the way, we’ll have plenty of new updates to share soon so stay tuned.

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year,

- Your friends at OpenNode

TL; DR: We’re proud to launch OpenNode today. Our lightning enabled bitcoin payment processor has been completely redesigned to offer a better experience to our users. If you’re at all interested in accepting bitcoin, check out our site and try us risk-free.

Sign up and try us out today.

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