From design to product launch, can help you get there.

Open Sky Incubator is proud to be partnering with (Radcon) to provide startups with the support they need. Radcon can help any startups take basic designs and bring them to life.

Who is Radcon?

Radcon is privately held company specializing in connected technology (IoT) hardware product design and development. They provide a full suite of services equipped to take concepts from basic design to reality, handling all the technical details while its customers focus on innovation, create groundbreaking products and solving real-world problems.

The following is an example of how they helped a company bring their product to market.

Case Study: Soundbrenner

Radcon has helped many companies deliver outstanding products. One example is Soundbrenner which is a smart metronome powered by vibrations. Radcon was able to assist with the redesign of the electronics and debug the app source code to ensure it worked seamlessly. They were able to create a product with incredible firmware and an amazing app.

The Challenge

Soundbrenner had an unsuccessful collaboration with a design firm located in China. The firm handed over the project with only 3 months left to ship date. In addition, they experienced extensive project workload which involved Bluetooth and mobile app communication, capacitive touch, synchronization algorithms across multiple devices, and firmware over the air updates.

Their Solution

Radcon was initially engaged in developing the product firmware, then further assisted with redesigning the overall electronics PCBA design. Due to the tight schedule, Radcon also helped debug the app source code to ensure it all works.

The Result

Superb firmware and seamless app experience. Under Radcon’s project management, the engineering and product costs were well-controlled within budget. Moreover, our careful management of approval certification ensured product passed the test at once to avoid extra cost and delays.

“We had never manufactured consumer electronics before. While working with Radcon it felt like they had our best interest in mind during the entire process and were a real partner with a common goal to deliver great results. They were able to answer all of our questions and introduced us to work with an excellent manufacturing partner.” Florian Simmerdinger, Co-Founder & CEO Soundbrenner

If you are looking for mentorship or assistance in electronic design, mechanical design, software & firmware design, or manufacturing. Contact us at Open Sky Incubator, we can connect you with knowledgeable mentors from Radcon and other firms and resources.