Open Letter to the Hopelessly Indebted Voting for Hillary Clinton
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

You weren’t there, were you? I was just a kid, but I remember Bill tasked her with coming up with a universal healthcare solution and she held “secret” meetings everybody knew about but still described as “secret.”

The Republicoños voted as a bloc just like they do now, and that’s why Hillary tried to explain to you that they will never let it happen. She spent pretty much all of Bill’s first term trying over and over and over again. At some point, the opposition came up with a “solution” — a proposal that fwiw is functionally indistinguishable from Obamacare, except it didn’t have stuff like mandatory coverage of reproductive services, or banning the universal practice of charging women substantially more for health insurance than men because being a woman was defined as a preexisting condition, before Obamacare came along and outlawed the practice.

But hey, details.