Interviews: some people’s greatest strength, some people’s weakest. Whether you are a very good interviewer, or not, we’re here to provide you with some suggestions to make the interview process as smooth as it can be!

· Always research the company — Nobody likes walking into an interview unprepared, and this definitely applies not just to the applicant, but the interviewer as well. (doesn’t really make sense) To cover your side, make sure you research. Spending time researching the company you’re interviewing at can provide you better insight into the what they may be looking for while they’re hiring (as well as give you some great information to reference during your interview), and even stop you from applying to companies that may not be a right fit in the first place.

· Show up about ten to fifteen minutes before the interview — Timing before an interview may seem like a minor detail, but it’s actually very important. You want to show the prospective employer that you are responsible and showing up on time is a good start. Showing up late obviously looks bad for a multitude of reasons! Also, make sure if you have to get through security at a big building to show up extra early, sometimes office security is very slow (think airport slow!).

· Dress appropriately — No matter where you’re applying, you should always dress to impress during the interview process. Whether the company is a startup or has been around for 30+ years, you want to show the interviewer and everyone you may come into contact with in the office that, besides for just being qualified, you can dress the part as well. If you’re not sure what to wear, it’s always safer to over-dress than to under-dress, and feel free to ask your recruiter what is appropriate

· Bring the right material — Know what you should bring with you to an interview. It’s always best to have multiple copies of your resume on hand, as you may meet with more people than initially planned. Have a pen and paper with you, in case you want or need to take notes or write something down for the interviewer. Also, if the interviewer requires you to bring any other material with you for the interview, such as portfolio or writing samples, make sure you don’t forget to bring these!

· Prepare ahead of time — While you can’t predict everything that will happen during an interview, there are some things that are standard for most interviews. Certain questions are ones you’ll hear almost every time, i.e. tell me about yourself, why this job and/or company? Prepare answers to questions like this ahead of time! It will help you practice, so when you go into the interview, you can answer these questions with more confidence.

· Be curious — Make sure you spend some time asking your interviewer questions as well. While you can find information about a company/your interviewer on the internet, it’s always best to show your interest by learning a bit more about them as well as the company during the interview. Asking good questions can really show the prospective employer that you care about your future, and really want to understand what the company does and what your specific role is. If you’re not sure if a question is appropriate, ask your recruiter!

· Thank you note — Send a thank you note if possible. The interviewer took time out of his or her day to meet with you, so sending a thank you is not only polite, but also keeps you fresh in his or her mind.

· Talk with your recruiter — If you’re working with a recruiter during the hiring process, use your recruiter as a guide throughout the process! Your recruiter often knows a lot about the company you’re applying to, so he or she can give you information on proper attire, what you may need to bring, and if there’s anything you should know ahead of time. Your recruiter is one of your biggest resources during this process. Make sure to take advantage of that. We’re here to help!

We hope these tips help calm your nerves before your next interview. We know the process can be overwhelming, but if you prepare and show up with the right material and right mindset, it makes all the difference! Comment below or tweet to us and share your interview tips with us!

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