It’s Friday the 13th And We Are All Very Superstitious

It’s Friday the 13th, and people care, as evidenced by data taken from Google Trends that shows a spike in “Friday the 13th” search terms every Friday the 13th for the last five years:

Our own user base is currently undergoing the same paranoia. 7 percent of readers turned to the internet this morning to feed their curiosity/superstition/craziness:

Here’s a sample of website titles trending among our users:

1. “8 shops with cheap Friday the 13th Tattoos”

2. “People Actually Boarded Flight 666 on Friday the 13th Destined for HEL”

3. “Friday the 13th Quotes: 6 Funny Phrases to Get Through This Unlucky Day”

4. “13 Awesome Marketing Tips for Friday the 13th”

Good luck. It’s scary out there.

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