Hello everyone, this is the first blog of my life(frankly, second :p-, the first one got deleted as I didn’t save it :p- but don’t worry, I will write as much as I can remember from the last one….

Actually, my exams are going on and suddenly I started feeling so much frustrated about my future and career and that’s why one of my close friends suggested me to write a blog here to push out my frustration so here I am..

I don’t know from where this feeling is coming to me..When I go back to my childhood days, the dreams, the aim, I had at that point of time.. I find myself nowhere close to it. I want to do well .. in fact, I try to…but things don’t work well and I just end up being frustrated and just google so many things for hours and hours..

Sometimes, I analyse myself.. kind of “communication with myself”. Sitting in the balcony, listening to my favourite playlist, puffing the cigarette I go into a deep interaction with myself which starts with a universal question: What the hell do I want .. I have everything .. I mean literally everything.. still I am not using out the resources..and the session continues….

Sometimes, I just hold up the ideas and then the energy slows down.. Anyways, after writing this tedious blog, I am feeling a little relaxed.. relaxed enough to feed my stomach with interest..:p- (by the way, i am very foodie.. ). Okay, I am not gonna write anymore lines in this blog.. haha.. (I know I am not a good writer..!).

Gonna say hello to maths and byee to u.. hehe…

Byee.. good night.. take care..!!