The cast

Mrs Chirpy Door: Me, blogger, office worker, foster mom, drinker of cocktails, baker of cakes and bread, lighter of fires, perky positive person, and the Door family “Bad cop”.

Mr Sporty Door: Lucky husband of Chirpy Door, laid back, lover of sports and music, bin emptier, and the Door family “Good cop”.

Miss Queenie Door: Foster daughter and teenage Drama Queen. Big hearted daydreamer with whiney princess tendencies. Sister of Fearless. Loves pop music and eyeliner, longs to being old enough for high heels and body-con dresses.

Miss Fearless Door: Tween foster daughter, lover of school and ponies, adrenaline junky and courageous rollercoaster rider, prone to bouts of shyness at random and usually inconvenient times. Sister of Queenie.

Kitty Door: Small, good natured feline. Lover of fuss and Dreamies treats.

Nanna: Mother of Chirpy Door, DIY expert, handy woman and general Grandma extraordinaire.

Grandpa: Stepfather of Chirpy Door, former Grumpy Old Man who has mellowed since the arrival of birth and foster grandchildren.

The Deans: Mrs Dean, Mr Dean and Boo Dean (aged 4): Workaholic family and best friends of the Doors and Rovers.

The Rovers: Mrs Rover, Mr Rover, Belle Rover (aged 4) and Barley Rover (aged 8) — Campervan owning best friends of Doors and Deans.

Curly Giggles: 3 year old niece of Chirpy, grandchild to Nanna and Grandpa Door. Much loved playmate of Queenie and Fearless.

ASW: Social worker for the agency that represents Mrs and Mr Door.

LSW: The local authority social worker of Queenie and Fearless.

Mrs and Mrs Mean — Former foster carers of Queenie and Fearless. Had the tough job of dealing with lots of behavior issues and trying to establish basic routines like washing and toothbrushing. Very strict, provided nowhere near enough food and even less love.

Emo Girly - Lovely Emo kid who came to us for respite a few times, since aged out of the system.

Lucy Loveme - Teen who came to us for respite a few times, always looking love in all the wrong places.

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