Don’t read me, you won’t like what I write. Don’t follow me, I’m paranoid.

FB bores me now, although I continue to post as though people care about what I say or that I care about the people who comment on what I say. FB suffers from selection bias — you select people who, more or less, agree with you. Those who don’t reinforce your echo chamber, well, you believe, at first, that you have great powers of persuasion, which you realize later that you don’t.

I’ll cut to the quick. I have a background that would make me a shoe in to be a Progressive. I’m not. I was, possibly, but I’m not now. At a certain point, Progressives/Liberals/Democrats ceased to make sense to me and while I might have been able to have overlooked that one failing (after all, I’m a psychiatrist and quite used to that sort of thing), I could not ignore the other realization. Progressives/Liberals/Democrats, other than those destined simpletons at birth, know they don’t make sense and are, in fact, often quite proud of it, as they are of their finely tuned abilities to lie while channeling George Washington’s facial expressions. It is as though, collectively, they discovered that he who opined that “It’s not whether you win or lose. It’s how you play the game” was a complete idiot. In that same moment, archangel Vince Lombardi appeared in a vision to tell them that “Winning isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing.”

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