Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends For 2016

Few things could have had a profound effect on our lives as mobile devices. No one could have predicted the evolution of the bulky corded telephone into the sleek hand-held devices that are an integral part of our digital lifestyle. In such a scenario, the demand for mobile app development is on the rise with several enterprises viewing mobile apps as the ‘ice-breaker’ between the company and its customers.

The year 2016 is off to a wonderful start with several mobile app development trends ruling the digital space. Let’s take a look at the top trends you should keep an eye on:

1. Swift is the Swiftest: Apple’s very own programming language- Swift — has been in the news for all the right reasons. The biggest release till date for rapid app development environment, the language has the potential to develop a diverse range of apps.

2. Popularity of Hybrid HTML5: While some developers may prefer native mobile apps, the popularity of Hybrid HTML5 for enterprise use is all set to soar in 2016.

3. Focus on Security: Data breaches and hacker attacks have disrupted the otherwise peaceful digital space. Mobile app developers have started to shift their focus on bridging security gaps to protect sensitive information.

4. Rise of Cross-Platform Tools: No business these days considers developing apps for a single platform. While several cross-platform tools have been developed in the past, improved development tools are all set to join the bandwagon this year.

5. IoT to Take Center Stage: IoT has the potential to push mobile app development to the next level. With wearable tech devices creating a buzz in the market, IoT will open up a lot of avenues to include advanced features in mobile apps.

6. Cloud-Driven Apps: Cloud technology will lead the way in 2016.With cloud support; developers can retain the small size of apps besides allowing them to sync their apps across multiple devices.

7. Location Technology: GPS based technologies like the Beacon have blurred the differences between a mobile device being offline and online and offer endless possibilities for business marketing and promotion.

8. In-App Advertising on the Rise: Free apps bring in more users but no revenue. How then does one monetize through apps? The answer: subtle and engaging In-App advertising.

9. Growth of Mobile Commerce: While ecommerce was still catching on, mobile commerce suddenly took over and provided more ease in transferring funds. This year, app development will be focused on making such transactions faster and safer.

10. Mobile CRM Integration: Sales automation through mobile technology is now a reality. A majority of businesses will opt for an integrated mobile CRM in the coming times.

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