Re-writing Confederate history benefits Democrats more than you know.

Days after some events in some place where public officials forced a tragic event for political purposes…we now see the streets of America’s south engaged in a cleansing. Much like those ISIS soldiers destroying Muslim relics after their victories, soldiers for the radical left are doing the same in the heart of Dixie. Why? Well the answer lies in their own dark history.

The main stream media (MSM) has in the past days attempted to link KKK or Neo-Nazi, or Far-right, or whatever you which to call them groups to the GOP and President Trump. They claim the right is aligned with these tired, outdated, hate groups. Which as history tells us, is not the case.

You see the KKK has its history linked with the modern Democrat party dating back decades. They were of course the military wing of the Democratic party. They were created for the party of Clinton, Obama and Sanders. Yet now, the MSM links them with the GOP and the herd just accepts it as truth.

But to the point of this article. As thousands runs around kicking bronze statues of long gone Confederate soldiers or dignitaries, the Democrat party smiles as it happens, not because they are symbols of racism, but because they are symbols reminding us about the truth of the Democratic Party. All those Confederate statues are a reminder of a time when southern blacks were routinely chased down, rounded up and lynched by the party ancestors of Elizabeth Warren and Maxine Waters. So it benefits them that they quietly, even if it is happening in broad daylight, bring them down in defense of the original slave owners in the south.

So as this happens, and millennials buy the lies fed them by MSM and college professors about the true history of the racist Democrats, the party as a whole rejoices. It’s as if a criminal can return to the scene of a crime and remove all evidence he was even there. That is the gift the Democrats have been given. A chance to wipe the bloody slate clean.