Growing our cross-border product

Jan 11, 2017 · 2 min read

A few months ago, we launched Operator to customers in China. We believe that our product — marrying trusted, personalized service with access to high-consideration goods — perfectly matches the needs of international shoppers. These shoppers desperately want access to authentic goods from the US, but they’re often forced to travel or rely on family and friends abroad. Operator offers a simple way to shop overseas without the hassle.

We see this as a powerful opportunity to further our dream of building a global commerce network, one that empowers people around the world to easily discover and buy the products they love. We’ve always imagined a world where anyone, anywhere, could push a button and be connected to the right person, the right product, the right business for their needs.

We’ve been impressed by all the early metrics and feedback we’ve seen abroad. Customer engagement with our cross-border product is higher than in the US, and purchase rates exceed even our lofty double-digit domestic benchmarks. And we’re just beginning — there are so many things we can’t wait to build and improve.

As we grow and refine our cross-border product, we’ll be temporarily pausing support for our Operator US app. We plan to bring it back soon. We believe this is the best use of our team’s talent and resources right now — and the best way to realize our ultimate dream of inventing a simpler and more personal way to shop.

Building a cross-border commerce platform presents a unique set of technical challenges, from conversational commerce to translation to global logistics and payments. To take on these challenges, we’re assembling a global team and are actively hiring engineers, designers, and operations managers in San Francisco and Shanghai. Come join us!

We’re excited for this next chapter in our growth — and more committed than ever to helping people around the world discover and buy the products they love.




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