Phil Fung, Operator Co-Founder

Phil Fung

The untold story of Operator’s origins includes Phil Fung joining the team as CTO. In the beginning, it was just Garrett and I with some ideas on a whiteboard, but we needed an engineering partner to help make it real.

Phil had just completed an incredible eight-year run at Facebook. He found that opportunity by happenstance — a guy named Mark was at Stanford, holding a sign that read “work at Facebook.” Phil was the only person that day who stopped to talk.

As one of Facebook’s first mobile engineering managers, he was responsible for almost all of their early mobile initiatives. By the time he left, Phil was being heavily courted by every top company in the Valley.

We saw in Phil a guy with the guts to join early, and just as importantly, a guy who could build anything. It took some effort, but after several meetings, Phil was in. With him on board, Operator went from being an ambitious idea to a company with the talent to fulfill its ambitions.

Phil has been instrumental in shaping the product and, more importantly, building an incredible team. He’s been in all the key conversations since day one.

Today, the company is recognizing Phil’s immense contributions — as a co-founder.

Let Operator find it for you,

Robin Chan, CEO Operator


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